Yaku Pérez has strong showing in southern sierra provinces; Voters brave long lines, intense sunshine to vote; What the anti-mining vote means for Cuenca

Feb 8, 2021 | 4 comments

Lunes, 8/2/2021

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Titular – Lasso y Yaku, empate técnico (Lasso and Yaku, technical tie) – See Monday’s CHL article for story.

Triunfa el ‘Sí’ en Consulta ( ‘Yes’ wins referendum) – The first referendum in Cuenca with respect to the care of water sources is supported by Article 398 of the Constitution which says that for every decision or authorization of the govenment that could affect the environment, the community should be consulted, and should be informed widely and in a timely manner.

A representative of the Yasuni Collective said the intention of the referendum was to repair omissions by the state and mining companies. He said a ‘Sí’ result would not be applied retroactively, but only for future projects. It would not cancel concessions already approved in Cuenca but could impede activities in projects that have not reached the exploitive phase. In Cuenca, the only project in the exploitation phase is ‘Río Blanco’ which has been suspended indefinitely. The rest of the projects such as ‘Loma Larga’ which is in the advanced exploration phase, will be affected by the ‘Sí’ vote.

The president of the Colegio de Ingenieros Geólogicos y de Minas del Azuay said the referendum would not interfere with already granted concessions in any of the phases – prospecting, exploration, and exploitation. They will abide by the will of the people, but reserve the right to pertinent legal action. <So who’s right? Will we continue to have some of the best water in the world or not?>

There long lines outside some voting stations on Sunday.

1,931 cédulas se entregaron entre sábado y domingo (1,931 cards were delivered between Saturday and Sunday) – The Registro Civil noted una afluencia (influx – our word for the day) of citizens asking for a cedula for the first time or to replace a lost cedula. 1,331 were issued el sábado, 11 times the number issued on a normal day, and another 600 el domingo. Barriers were set up outside the San Blas office to prevent people from waiting overnight which happened in other cities.

Many people are waiting to renew their cedulas since the new intelligent or biometric cedulas will be issued after 25/2. The new cedulas are laser engraved rather than printed, are in black and white including the foto with additional security. They are made of polycarbonate and are 10 times more durable. They have chips with biometric information and to which additional functions can be added such as an electronic signature. The cost will be $16.00. <Is there a senior discount?> To get one, get an appointment on the web page of the Registro Civil.

Intenso sol y largas filas marcaron jornada (Intense sun and long lines marked the day) – <You can make your own comparisons about voting in Ecuador and voting in the US.> Some of the largest polling places had long lines causing discomfort for voters, some of whom complained they had to wait for an hour to vote. <And here’s some voting trivia.> 46 voters registered for the Voto en Casa. The province added 49 polling places due to the pandemic. There were 86 electoral zones in Azuay, with 37 in Cuenca. 15 parties and movements, and 3 alliances participated in the elections. CNE installed 150 preferential service tables. <And that’s where I voted – unintentionally. I thought the tent was an information booth and when I asked if there was a separate line for geezers, gimps and the gravid (by now you should know not expect political correctness from me) she asked me for my cedula and disappeared for about 15 minutes. She came back with the ballots in a plastic sleeve, and I voted. I don’t think it saved me much time, but it did save me from the crowds around the regular verification and voting tables.>

Cañar: contundente triunfo de PK (Cañar: overwhelming victory for PK) – As of 22:40 yesterday, 66.51% of the votes in Cañar had been counted. Yaku Pérez-Virna Cedeño (Movimiento de Unidad Plurinacional Pachakutik (PK)) won 44.20% of the votes. Andrés Arauz- Carlos Rabascall (Union por la Esperanza (UNES)) got 22.26%, and Guillermo Lasso-Alfredo Borrero (Movimiento Creando Oportunidades (CREO)) got 12.4%.

En Morona sigue el dominio de lista 18 (In Morona, the dominance of list 18 continues) – With 45.70% of of the votes counted in Morona Santiago, Pérez-Cedeño got 45.35%, Xavier Hervas-María Sara Jijón of Izquierda Democrática got 18.39%, Arauz-Ravascall got 18.20%.

Yaku Pérez se impone en Zamora Chinchipe (Yaku Pérez prevails in Zamora Chinchipe) – With 40.30% of the votes counted in Zamora Chinchipe, Pérez-Cedeño got 61.97%, Hervas- Jijón got 25.69%, Arauz-Ravascall got 16.84%, and Lasso-Borrero got 11.73%.

Victoria en Loja de “Minka por la vida” (Victoria in Loja from “Minka for life”) – With 55.24% of the votes counted in Loja, Pérez-Cedeño got 31.92%, Hervas- Jijón got 26.03%, and Arauz-Ravascall got 17.70%.

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