You look so great! Facial rejuvenation in Cuenca

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Taking control of your aging and making a choice about how you look and feel about yourself can make you feel excited, empowered, and confident. You may have been considering getting some “work done,” and have been putting it off.

Dr. Victor Astudillo

Cosmetic surgery procedures have become mainstream. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 17.1 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures performed in 2016 in North America alone.

There are some benefits to having the procedures done right here in Cuenca and many Expats and visitors are exploring the options. Medical costs may have been big barriers in your home country, where even one night in an urban hospital can set you back thousands, not including the surgeon’s fee.

Additional costs add up, and as most North Americans who have had any surgical procedure in hospitals know, every little thing is itemized, from “big” fees for the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the operating room nurse, and operating room time — down to even the smallest aspirin.

We who live in Cuenca know that our city has some of the most modern and sophisticated medical facilities in Ecuador, let alone Latin America.  Cuenca also has some of the most educated and talented medical professionals in Ecuador as well. All medical services cost significantly less —a comparison of esthetic medical procedures in Ecuador generally run just 40% – 60% of those in the United States and Europe.

Maybe you have been considering plastic surgery? There’s a big difference between getting a skin-lift, and the more current term used by esthetic plastic surgeons: face-lift, which is part of a facial rejuvenation.

We’ve all seen the unfortunate celebrities who, in a desperate attempt to turn back the clock to their younger years instead look as if they’re wearing a mask.

However, with advanced training, and expert techniques, there are many more procedures to help you look younger and more rested, and not look “lifted.”

It’s important to locate the right physician, one who isn’t interested in cookie-cutter procedures, but will instead consider a number of important and unique-to-you factors necessary to achieve a lasting, natural result.

Dr. Victor Astudillo, an esthetic and reconstructive surgeon, completed his basic medical training in Ecuador, and in 2000 moved to the United States to complete a six-year general and plastic surgery training.  Following this, he completed a year-long fellowship focusing on esthetic plastic surgery and then practiced for three years in Florida, perfecting his craft at the Plastic Surgery Institute of the Palm Beaches and the Esthetic Institute of the Palm Beaches.  He returned to Cuenca in 2012, and practices at the Clinica Latino, located on 3 de Noviembre y Unidad Nacional.

Dr. Astudillo is from a family of physicians, including his grandfather who founded Clinca Latino, the very first modern hospital center in Cuenca — they celebrated their 60th anniversary this year.

Dr. Astudillo specializes in facial rejuvenation and body contouring procedures. A facelift is technically known as a rhytidectomy, defined as “plastic surgery on the face and neck to remove defects and imperfections (such as wrinkles or sagging skin) typical of aging. “

Dr. Astudillo reminds us that whatis known as a “facelift” is a part of the“facial rejuvenation” concept because it describes a combination of procedures, surgical and non-surgical, to restore the face to a more youthful version of you.

Skin-lifts, says Dr. Astudillo, merely stretches skin over the face, often unnaturally tight, and cuts off the excess skin.  This result only lasts a few years, at most, and then sags, unnaturally.Failing to address the underlying tissues and muscle structure often results in a pulled and distorted look. Dr. Astudillo emphasizes that each patient is unique, with unique skin tone, underlying facial structure and musculature.

Dr. Astudillo’s mission and goal for his patients is to accomplish a change in the natural aging process. The result is a turning back on the clock to achieve a better cosmetic appearance, not for just a couple of years, but for a lasting younger look.

To accomplish this, Dr. Astudillo says he will use a less aggressive, not removing too much skin (which looks unnatural), and correcting skin laxity.  He uses sophisticated techniques to correct the underlying structure of the sub-tissues of the skin to remove just enough skin and give you a natural look afterwards.

When necessary, incorporating more than one procedure achieves the goal. Dr. Astudillo uses FDA-approved contour-restoring dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm, and line-smoothing Botox. He’ll use laser resurfacing to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities to achieve the most natural and lasting look possible.

Another area of expertise addressed by Dr. Astudillo is body contouring, including tummy tucks and liposuction. He also works with patients who, having lost considerable weight quickly, for example, after bariatric surgery, are often left with excess skin that is irritating and can cause skin infections and ulcers, not to mention psychosocial stress and embarrassment. Many insurance providers refuse to cover this procedure, deeming it strictly cosmetic, but as Dr. Astudillo says, it is an essential and important part of the healing procedure after extreme weight loss. Only six percent of bariatric patients are able to afford this procedure in the U.S., making a visit to Cuenca for this procedure an important option.

Besides esthetic facial rejuvenation procedures, ten percent of Dr. Astudillo’s patients see him for reconstructive procedures including to correct trauma injuries, burns, or congenital malformations. In addition, Dr. Astudillo does scar removal/reduction.

Because of Dr. Astudillo’s close relationship with Clinca Latino, his patients are assured that they will receive the highest quality care, whether they are admitted for one night, or more. Rest and recovery is essential for the best outcomes. Patients visit from all over the world, and generally can return home within two weeks of surgery, depending on the procedure, and resume their full activities within a month.

Dr. Astudillo says that all of his patients are introduced to him through word-of-mouth recommendations about his natural and lasting results, including his expat patients. It’s often said, if you’re good at something, the expat community will spread the word.

Ninety percent of Dr. Astudillo’s expat patients are most interested in consulting for facial rejuvenation, and they appreciate the package approach.

After examining you and understanding your expectations (and that may take more than one visit, since elective surgery is not something to be taken lightly) will Dr. Astudillo recommend the procedure or procedures to achieve the goal of lasting, natural improvement.

All costs, including hospitalization and follow-up visits are included, and the consultation fees will be deducted from the package cost.

You’re never too old to look younger, and you’re too young to live forever with something that can be corrected with the expertise of a talented doctor such as Dr. Victor Astudillo.

  • Before and after images are the results after 3 years.
  • Dr. Victor Astudillo Contact info:
    • email:
    • phone: 098 149 8595

Sources Face-Lift: The New Advancements in the Old-School Surgery. Health care and health insurance in Ecuador: Big improvements in quality and changes in insurance options are good news for expats. Body contouring is only for the rich and insured.


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