Zero magazine suspends publication but plans to restart with a cultural focus

Jun 10, 2015 | 4 comments

Zero magazine publisher Sara Coppler says that the magazine will reemerge with a new focus. “We plan to publish again with an emphasis on creative arts and culture,” she says. “It’s an approach we feel comfortable with that doesn’t require us to compromise our vision, either visually or intellectually.”chl zero

The magazine announced last week that it was suspending publication of its June edition.

Coppler said that the magazine will maintain its website, continuing to post new articles, weekly newsletters, and the its Sunday news ePaper.

“We are not dead,” Coppler said. “We are alive and kicking and planning a new chapter for Zero,” she added.

“Our plan is to serve what we believe is a highly educated, engaged readership. We will offer creative, thought-provoking content about the arts and cultural scene in Cuenca as well as offer a venue for good creative writing,” Coppler said. “We trust the intelligence of our readers and will produce a publication for that audience, making no compromises.”