Zoo animals need help, Curfew extended, Police and medical worker lack sufficient protective gear, Valves for oxygen masks printed 3D

Mar 22, 2020 | 8 comments

Sábado, 21/3/2020

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Titular – Uso progresivo de la fuerza (Progressive use of force) – The Corte Constitucional issued a favorable opinion about the constitutionality of Decree 1017 for the state of emergency but asked public authorities to take measures to protect the rights of people out on the streets with high vulnerability due to the health measures adopted.

Zoo short of food – Zoos and animal rescue groups are being affected by the pandemic. The zoo in Tarqui and Amaru need help feeding their animals since the entrance fees that are their sources of income have dried up. To donate to Amaru, go to www.zoobioparqueamaru.com. Animal rescue groups such as ARCA, FAN, Amigos de Manolo y Peluditos Cuenca are looking at a campaign to collect food.

Stay off the street except to buy food and other essentials.

Slaughterhouse – The mayor visited the slaughterhouse yesterday and was assured that it was operating normally and the city would be supplied with meat.

Water consumption up – Water consumption in both urban and rural zones of Cuenca has increased 20%. <We must all be washing our hands a lot more than before.> Daily consumption per person is now 226 litros and in 2019 it was 189. ETAPA workers have seen potable water being used for irrigation in the periphery of the city, people washing cars <Why? You can’t go anywhere.> and overwatering gardens. Also due to the pandemic, ETAPA will not cut off water for lack of payment nor will they shut off telephone, internet or satelite TV. They are looking to reactivate lines that were shut off because “este momento todos puedan estar comunicados” (in this moment everyone can be in communication). <The difference between a publicly own utility and a privately owned one in a nutshell.>

Italian valve – A professor and a student at the UPS 3D printed a valve from designs released by a group of Italian researchers. The valve connects a pneumonia patient with an oxygen mask and is on the Grabcad Community website. The researchers printed the valve after the manufacturer refused to release the plans and made noises about patent infringement.

Toque de queda (curfew) – Starting last night, the curfew will start at 7 pm and end at 5 am except in Guayas Province where the hours are from 16:00 to 5:00. You have to stay off the streets, plazas, sports courts, and other public spaces. In Azuay, 9 people were arrested – 9 in Gualaceo, 3 in Nab{on and 5 in Cuenca. They were caught playing on sports courts and walking in other public spaces.

Lack of protective equipment – Medical personnel and the Policia Nacional are complaining about the lack of protective equipment.

Quedate En Casa and Stay Healthy and that’s all for today so Hasta ? –



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