Airport runway to be extended, Bear with us, Flash flood in Limón Indanza, Red Cross seminar on disaster assistance, New life for Tame

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Lunes, 1/7/2019

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De la pagina cultural –

Museo de antiguedades – The “Zoila Quezada” museum of antiguities, collected by Sra. Zoila and her children is located at Lamar 21-45 y Convención del 45. There is a clock room with American and German clocks dating from 1890, Italian lamps, string toys from 1890 -1900, radios and TVs. There is a kitchen collection with all sorts of cooking utensils and equipment and old dishes. Hours are from 8-12:00 and 15-17:00 from lunes a viernes. Cost: $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for children. <With a collection like that, I’m wondering about the wisdom of allowing children – or at least some children.>

Cuenca’s Mariscal La Mar Airport

Exposición – An exhibit of art work by seniors from the Hogar Miguel León and children from the Hogar Tadeo Torres will open el miércoles, 10/7 a las 19:00 in the Casa Municipal El Alfarero. The Casa will start summer camp el 15/7 from 9-13:00 for children between 6-12 years.

Taller – The Enonomuseo Municipal Casa del Sombrero started a workshop in drawing and caligraphy today. The workshop is free, will last 2 weeks, is open to anyone over 10, and will teach basic drawing and caligraphy. Register at the Museo (Rafael María Arízaga 7-95 y Luis Cordero.)

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Fiestas de Cañar – The festivities of the 195 anniversary of Cañar’s cantonization ends sábado with 3 main events.
Expotunig (sic) a las 12:00 in the Uculoma sector.
Concurso gallístico (cockfight) a las 14:00 in el Palenque del Desafío in the Tiopamba sector.

Lucha libre War 2019 (wrestling) a las 20:00 in the coliseo de Los Cañaris.
<Could you ask for more testosterone driven activities than that? Maybe NFL football.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Ampliarán pista del La Mar (Airport runway to be extended) – Good news, bad news.> Iván Andrés Carvallo, vice-minister of the Gestión del Transporte (Transportation Management) and Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas (MTOP – Ministry of Transport and Public Works) who is also on the board of TAME EP, announced that the south end of the current 1900 m. runway will be extended 400 m. This will allow the airport to create a safety zone to avoid aircraft going off the runway and will allow the airport to be certified as a regional and eventually, international, runway. The project will be financed with credit from the CAF (Corporación Andina de Fomento – Andean Development Corporation) in the amount of $350 million, 60% of which will not need to be repaid. <That was the good news.> He is looking for Aeroregional to start operating in Cuenca in julio. <That would be now.>

<Now here’s the bad news.> He also dismissed liquidating TAME explaining that there is a process for achieving greater efficiency in the 22 national public companies. Some will be maintained, others sold, and a third group concessionized. He said TAME is one of the companies that will be maintained and that it is adding 3 leased planes to its fleet. <That’s why the runway’s getting lengthened – it’s to keep those TAME planes and pilots from skidding into the grass again.>

Miriam Medina, a tourism promoter, has an initiative to form a citizens’ oversight committee to ask for improvements in the air transport to Cuenca. Her documents are all ready to submit to the Consejo de Participación Ciudadana y Control Social (CPCCS). She feels airlines should be sanctioned for not fulfilling their scheduled flights.

Osos de anteojos – Personnel from the Amaru Zoo, partnering with the Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional (NCI) corporation and Elecuastro, are researching the endangered spectacled bear, also known as “Guardián del bosque” (Forest keeper) in the Collay forest in Gualaceo canton. They are using trap cameras. <The bear is the photo is inexpressibly cute and looks like an Aussie puppy.>

Aluvión – A large flash flood on sábado in Limón Indanza in Morona Santiago Province swept away and buried unoccupied houses and fields in San Antonio Parish. No loss of life was reported.

The vía Gualaceo-Plan de Milagro-Limón will remain closed due to constant rockfalls at Ingamullo where MTOP is doing slope stabilization work. Rescue teams are looking for José Quintanilla, an equipment operator whose loader fell off a 200m cliff and landed in the río San Francisco on 26/6.

Cruz Roja – The Ecuadorian Red Cross in coordination with la Cooperativa de Asistencia y Socorro (CARE) and the Secretaría Nacional de Gestión de Reisgos y Emergencias (National Secretariat for Risk and Emergency Management) gave a workshop on an internationally recognized manual about the minimum standards for humanitarian assistance in crises and disasters. 25 students from several provinces were trained in how to use the manual which focuses on the right of victims of disasters to receive assistance in a dignified manner. A consultant with Risk Management explained that this manual would apply not only to victims of natural disasters, but migrants and anyone at risk or in an emergency situation, all of whom should get minimum standards of alleviating human suffering.

Descuentos y compras –

Cars – Maxximundo – av. de las Américas 15-58 & av. España 2-69 – Haval M4 from $17,490 – Great Wall H6 from $24,990.

Paint – Glidden – 5 locations – 40% off sale plus 5% in product (?) – from 4-7/7.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –



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