Campaign today; Cuenca celebrates Spanish founding; Indigenous town will not accept ballots; Pachakutik expels supporters of Arauz and Lasso

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Miércoles, 7/7/2020

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La cuarta Tertulia Cinema llega con una exposición (The fourth Tertulia Cinema arrives with an exhibition) – This edition of the Tertulia Cinema will include a show by Juliana Rengel, a collage artist, in the Sala Vitrina de la Casa de la Cultura. Tertulia Cinema will be inaugurated el 10/4 a las 16:00 in the CCE. There will be a talk by Rengel followed by the projection of short films in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco and music by Roberto Ávila. There will be limited capacity at the event which will also be transmitted live on its social network pages.

Taller y exposición de paja toquilla (Toquilla straw workshop and exhibition) – There will be a free workshop at the Economuseo de la Casa del Sombrero (Rafael María Arízaga y Luis Cordero) to learn how to weave toquilla straw. Go to the Economuseo to register for the workshop which will be until 30/4 from 9-12:00 and 14-17:00. There is also an exhibit on the history, heritage, and innovation in straw which will open el 9/4.

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Titular – Embanderan ciudad y disciernen preseas (City is flagged and medals will be awarded) – Cuenca has been hung with flags prior to the commemoration of the 464 years since its foundation on 12/4. Celebrations will be sober this year due to the pandemic. <How many of you celebrate when you’re sober?> The Consejo Cantonal de Cuenca will award medals to citizens who have contributed to the development of the city in different areas such as sports, community development, construction, and more.

The presidential campaigns for Andres Arauz and Lasso wrapped up yesterday in Quito. (El Mercurio)

Horarios de de servicio del Tranvía (Tram service hours) – The Unidad Ejecutora del Proyecto Tranvía announced that until este viernes, the tram will run from 5:50 to 19:00 because of the curfew which starts at 20:00 and ends at 5:00. Until el viernes the tram will run 8 trains at 10 minute intervals. Next week, the service will return to normal.

Últimas acciones por cierre de campaña (Last actions due to campaign closure) – The political movements are closing their campaigns with virtual events, caravans, and house to house campaigning. Campaign activities must stop tomorrow prior to the electoral silence that will govern over the weekend. The campaign coordinator for Arauz in Azuay presented the 3 main themes in their door-to-door campaign. They would be an organized vaccination plan without priviledges; economic reactivation that puts the human being at the center and not capital; improvements to the educational system by increasing internet coverage in rural areas and teacher training. She also proposed an environmental agenda; a citizens’ audit to find a way out of possible international legal conflicts arising from the closing of the Río Blanco mining operations; and local road maintenance and improvements.
The local director of the CREO movement announced new agreements of support for Guillermo Lasso including with the Contigo movement of former mayoral candidate Jaime Astudillo and Vida of the former Asamblea candidate Darío Ordóñez. Ex councilwoman Narcisa Gordillo of Conciencia Ciudadana said what convinced her to back Lasso were his proposals for rural development, reduction of the foreign currency outflow tax, attraction of foreign capital and legal security. She also talked about the necessity of a road transformation, promotion of agricultural production to supplant mining in the paramos, and the reduction of bureaucracy in the public sector. Campaign proposals and offers can be made up to 23:59 on el jueves. Campaigns can be fined $102,000 for going past this deadline.

Plan de vacunas continúa hoy con personal de salud (Vaccine plan continues today with health personnel) – A total of 2,486 doses of vaccines were given to seniors, doctors, and university professors who are part of a vulnerable population at the coliseo Jefferson Pérez and the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS)on Tuesday. Today and tomorrow public and private health personnel in Zone 6 will receive the AstraZeneca vaccine. This should complete the immunizations of the medical community except for people who cannot be vaccinated for health problems or fuerza mayor (kind of like an act of God). Efforts from Friday on will be concentrated on getting 76,260 seniors in Azuay vaccinated. <Be patient if you haven’t gotten your shot yet, they’ll get to you. Remember you have to answer your phone to get the message which will be in Spanish and then check your text messages for you appointment. It will also be in Spanish. Maybe that’s why there’s a 40% no show rate – people didn’t check their messages until after their appointment time.>

Filas y agomeración en el Registro Civil (Lines and crowds at the Civil Registry) – Starting before 7:00, long lines without distancing formed in front of the Registro Civil and without the presence of fuerzas del orden (law enforcement – your phrase for the day). Hundreds of citizens lined up to get their cedulas so they can vote in the elections. Due to the state of emergency, the office will only be open until 18:00 and only for people who want to renew their lost or stolen cedulas. Expired or first time cedulas will not be given out. Appointments will not be given on line – you must show up to be served.

Pachakutik expulsa a Jaime Vargas (Pachakutik expels Jaime Vargas) – The Comité Ejecutivo of the Pachakutik movement resolved to separar (separate) Jaime Vargas, president of CONAIE, from their registers <To quote a reality TV star, “You’re fired.”> after he gave his support to Andrés Arauz, the Correista candidate. Pachakutik agreed to vote null in the run-off elections on el domingo. The former vicepresidential candidate for Pachakutik, Virna Cedeño, was also expelled for calling for members to vote for Lasso.

Pueblo Sarayaku no irá a las urnas (Sarayaku people will not go to the polls) – The Sarayaku people in Pastaza Province declared sovereignty and will not allow election materials to enter their territory. The leader said that in a plurinational country, the peoples can make sovereign decisions within their territory. They said that the measure was taken as part of their right to resistance and rejected the alleged fraud of which Pérez accused the CNE. Experts said that this should not be permitted since it makes the unity of the State vulnerable and obstructs the electoral process which is a crime.

Suspenden el toque de queda (Curfew suspended) – The curfew which is in effect in the 8 provinces which are under a state of emergency will only be until el viernes, 9/4. The decision was made to allow people to get to their polling places, and will not be observed on el sábado, 10/4 and el domingo, 11/4. On el lunes, the national COE will meet to evaluate the roadmap they will follow in each of the 8 provinces depending on epdemiological data.

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