Cuenca celebrates Carnaval under Covid restrictions; Leftists make big gains in the National Assembly; Big drug bust at Cotopaxi airport; Public notice

Feb 15, 2021 | 3 comments

Lunes, 15/2/2021

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Titular – ¡Deliciosos carnavales! (Delicious carnivals!) – Cuenca is celebrating Carnaval with restrictions. The COE reminded people that massive events and concentrations of large groups of people are prohibited, and there is a vehicle curfew between 23:00 & 5:00. There is still a high occupancy of ICU beds so authorities are asking that citizens take preventive measures to reduce the number of Covid infections.
People are celebrating along the rivers, at home, and in restaurants including at “El Ché” which had a festival of traditional food yesterday. Other popular spots are in Barabón at restaurants along the río Yanuncay; the waterfalls at Racar in Sinincay parish where there are paths through natural areas; and the balnearios (spas – your word for the day) in Baños which are open with extended hours and with restricted capacity to maintain distancing. <How long can Coronavirus live in water? And is there a difference between hot spa water and cold river water?>

Encuentran droga en avión en aeropuerto de Cotopaxi (Drugs found on plane at Cotopaxi airport) – <It’s a slow news day so I’m back to the police page.> The Policiá Nacional, or their drug dogs, Etto and Max, found 2 suitcases of cocaine in the wheel well of the landing gear of a charter flight from Latacunga to México. An airport military guard reported a suspicious person to the DGAC and airport operator. The suspicious person escaped and Aeroregional asked personnel from Antinarcóticos to make a second search of the plane. <They needed the finely tuned senses of Etto and Max. Where would we be without dogs?>

In Cuenca, Carnaval also means food.

La próxima Asamblea estará comandada por cinco fuerzas (The next Assembly will be commanded by five forces) – The biggest winners in the legislative races were Pachakutic and la Izquierda Democrática with AP and CREO the biggest losers. The large blocks that will take their seats el 14/5 and lead the Asamblea are Alianza UNES, ex Revolución Ciudadana – 49 seats, up from 35; the Pachakutic movement – 27 seats, up from 5; Partido Social Cristiano – 18 seats; Partido Izquierda Democrática – 18 seats, up from 1; and the CREO movement with 12 seats, down from 28. CREOs 12 seats are below the 14 seat (10% of the total Asamblea) threshold needed for a banca legislativa (legislative bench – have no idea what that is in either Spanish or English). Alianza PAIS went from 70 to 0.

Public notice – Grupo TVCable – SETEL S.A. announced there will be an interruption of phone service for a firmware update in Cuenca CMTS equipment to improve service. The interruption will be el 23/2/2021 from 2-6:00, and affect the sectors of Puertas del Sol, El Salado, Yanuncay, Misicata, Ricaurte, Uncovía, Orquídeas y Trigales, Bellavista, Mutualista Azuay II, Totoracocha, y República. For more info call 600 01 00 or go to Carlos Rigoverto Veintimilla 1-65 y Luis M. Mora.

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