Cuenca to expand watershed; Loose connections cause power outages; Student parade celebrates indepedence; Physical facturas are phased out

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Miércoles, 22/11/2022
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Actividades – Titular –

Cuenca blindará una mega reserva (Cuenca will shield a mega-reserve) – The Environmental Commission of the Cantonal Council has asked that an area called Yanuncay-Zhucay be declared an Área de Conservación y Uso Sustenable (ACUS). This area would provide protection to 26,695 hectares against any activity that would infringe on the environment. The area is south of the Parque Nacional Cajas (PNC) and the Área Nacional de Recreación (ANR) Quimsacocha and includes the rural parishes of Baños, San Joaquín, Tarqui, Chaucha y Victoria del Portete. The Yanuncay and Zhucay watersheds feed the Sústag treatment plant, and supply water to 172,000 people. 99.55% of the area is a water recharge zone, and 7% is for recovery. Now Mayor Palacios needs to set a date for the matter to be considered by the council which will decide to accept the proposal or not.

More than 1,000 Cuenca students will dance and march down Av. Solano in Saturday morning’s parade celebrating the city’s independence. (El Mercurio)

In 2021, 3 other ACUS zones in Cuenca were approved and later incorporated into the Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (SNAP) <Governments do like their acronyms, don’t they.> which gives them the highest level of protection.

Cuenca –

“Conexiones flojas”, causa de cortes de energía (“Loose connections”, cause of power outages) – Complaints are coming in from people on and near av. Ordóñez Lasso, Puertas del Sol and Las Pencas about power outages lasting a few minutes. One ratepayer said that a post literally caught on fire and exploded. The electric company said the problem originated in primary feeder number 5210 from the #5 substation at El Arenal. An official said there are “reconnectors” that disconnect when they sense a problem in the line and then reconnect a few seconds or minutes later. A loose connection was found on Ordóñez Lasso, has been fixed, and the line is being inspected for possible damage.

Estudiantes desfilarán en honor a Cuenca el sábado 26 (Students to parade in honor of Cuenca on Saturday 26th) – Av. Solano will be closed on Sat., 26/11 for the traditional student parade honoring Cuenca’s Independence. 21 schools, about 1,000 students, marching bands and floats will gather at the Virgen de Bronce and start marching at 9:00 towards the Colegio Benigno Malo. Av. Solano will be closed to vehicular traffic until the parade has cleared. <Just letting you know so you can make your plans accordingly. I certainly didn’t expect that you’d go out specifically to watch the parade.>

From El Mercurio del martes – 22/11/2022 starting
Literatura está de fiesta en la Feria del Libro (Celebration of literature at the Book Fair) – The Feria del Libro opened in the patio at the U. of Cuenca and will run until 27/11. There will be authors and readers as well as a commercial pavilion with 35 bbookstores and publishers. There will also be a children’s pavilion. <A good place to get something to read at your current level of Spanish?> The commercial pavilion will have hours from 9-20:00.

Empresarial – 

From El Mercurio del martes – 22/11/2022 
Último semana para migrar a la facturación electrónica (Last week to migrate to electronic invoicing) – As of 30/11, the SRI will no longer issue authorizations for physical facturas. If you have a RUC and are issuing paper facturas you need to find out what system you are operating under: RIMPE Negocio Popular, RIMPE Emprendedor, or Régiman General. You also need to have an electronic signature. <So go to SRI for more information or see whoever does your taxes or accounting. I don’t understand any of this stuff, and after cooking all day, I’m too tired to try learn it from the article.>

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