Cuencanos feel unsafe despite drop in crime; Red Cross needs blood — Covid infection and vaccines not a problem; Chinese wind farm contract challenged

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Miércoles, 26/1/2022

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Actividades –

“Noche de las Ideas” en la Alianza (“Night of Ideas” at the Alliance) – The Alianza de Francesa has organized “La Noche de las Ideas” and the environment is this year’s theme. Between hoy y viernes, there will be talks and meetings on Facebook Live. On viernes a las 18:00, there will be a conference about pollination and seed dispersal. Also el viernes a las 19:00, there will be a conversation about the circular economy and an analysis of the life cycle.

Titular –

Prevalece la inseguridad (Insecurity is prevalent) – The perception of insecurity is a reality, and is how a citizen feels in the street. And Cuencanos feel unsafe. Data from the Prosecutor’s Office shows a reduction in crime reports <Because too many people are thinking, why bother?>, but people feel less safe. Data from a survey by the Observatorio de Seguridad del Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana (CSC) in the canton of Cuenca, showed 60% don’t feel very safe, and 21% don’t feel safe at all for a total of 81% feeling some level of insecurity. However, in their own homes or neighborhoods, this feeling drops to 60%.

A new survey shows that the fear of crime has risen in Cuenca despite the fact that crime is dropping. Some blame the perception on social media. (El Mercurio)

The Cuarta Encuesta de Percepción y Victimización del año 2021 (Fourth Survey of Perception and Victimization for year 2021) surveyed 5,440 people in the whole canton. One question was, “To what extent was your life affected by delinquency in the past 12 months?” 87% people responded not at all or little. Cuencanos considered the Feria Libre, Nueve de Octobre and Barrial Blanco as the most dangerous places to walk.
Data indicates that in Cuenca, violence and criminality do not top the list of social problems. Intrafamiliar violence topped the list at 8%, <I would think that living with someone inclined to beat you up for no reason would make you feel extremely unsafe.> followed by being victimized by robos (where the delinquent approaches takes stuff from the victim) and hurtos (where stuff is taken from the victim who does not realize it at the time) with 4.8%.

Home robberies affected 5.4% of the people surveyed, car theft affected 2.2%, threats affected 1.3%, and extorsion affected 1.2%. 26% of all the crimes reported to the Prosecutor’s Office in 2020 were of violence against women and members of the nuclear family, 75% of which happened at home. This was followed by traffic accidents at 19%. In 3d place were robos and hurtas against people, 4th place was robbery of property and vehicle accessories and parts, with robberies and burglaries in houses in 5th place. Robos y hurtos took place mostly in public spaces, and the areas where these occurred against people were the Feria Libre, Totoracocha, and Centro Histórico — areas with the most crowding and businesses. Robberies and burglaries from houses went down from 2016 to 2021.

For people affected by vehicle theft, 75% were of bicycles with motorcycles, pickups, and cars following. However, most bicycle thefts were not reported. Vehicle robberies occured in public parking lots, on the streets and from homes. Most of them were from public spaces and only 30% from houses. EMOV reported 3,453 accidents in 2021 but reports were made on only 895. This is because the parties come to an agreement and don’t report the accident

Cuenca –

Cruz Roja en alerta por escasez de sangre (Red Cross on alert due to blood shortage) – Because of a blood shortage in the country, the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) has started a campaign to donate blood. The secretary general of the Cruz Roja del Azuay, Marcos Guerra, outlined causes of the shortage. The Covid vaccination has slowed volunteers since many people believe that you cannot donate blood after you have been vaccinated. However, you can donate 8 days after without any problem.

The virus has generated more demand since besides accidents and planned surgeries, it is used for Covid patients. The Red Cross also has not been able to hold blood drives at events with large numbers of people due to the pandemic. Guera said that blood donations can be made at the Cruz Roja on Antonio Borrero 6-57 y Pres. Córdova from 7-19:00. The site complies with all biosafety measures. The process is fast, taking about 15 minutes. You fill out a form with questions about your health and if you have tattoos. Tattoos have to be at least a year old to be able to donate blood. You need to be in good health, and the donation is one pint. As of ayer, the blood bank had 35 pints of O+, 3 of A+, 14 of B+ and one of B-. Normally there are 215 pints in stock. The most common blood type and always needed is O+, and the negatives are the hardest to get. All blood types are needed.

Insisten que Elecaustro revise contrato (Elecaustro should review contract) – The Consorcio Noroccidental Atlas (CNA) which offers logistical and transport services, is insisting that the contract for the wind turbine generators for the Minas de Huascachaca wind farm in Saraguro be revised. Juan Carlos Andrade, manager and legal representative of CNA said that a foreign company was favored in the bidding process.

In 2020, Electro Generadora del Austro (Elecaustro) awarded a contract for the fabrication, supply and transport of the wind generators to a Chinese company, Dongfang Electric International Corporation. In 2021, Elecaustro awarded Dongfang Electric Ecuador the contract to bring the generators from the port to the site; to assemble, install and test the units; then to operate and maintain them for 2 years. Dongfang then subcontracted with another consortium of 2 companies, one from Panamá and the other from Colombia. Andrade said that this type of outsourcing affects Ecuadorian companies. An acción de protección was brought by the Cámara Nacional de Transporte Pesado del Ecuador (Canatrape) but the decision was that there was no violation of anyone’s constitutional rights by not suspending the transportation part of the contract.

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