Debt, mismanagement mark Quito’s anniversary; Ecuadorian movie is a high tech thriller; Cuencanos send cuys to Chicago; City program feeds the poor

Dec 7, 2021

Lunes, 6/12/2021

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

“Algoritmo”, película ecuatoriana que reflexiona subre exposición tecnológica y corrupción (“Algoritmo”, Ecuadorian film that reflects on technological exposure and corruption) – The movie, “Algorithms” is premiering in Ecuador and reflects on the risk that comes with the liberation of data, sometimes unconsciously, over the internet. This adventure/suspense film is about an architect who does not want to sell a piece of land he plans to develop, and the owner of a Easycorp, a microchip company, who wants to buy it for the silicone on <under?> the land. Easycorp wants the silicone to make subcutaneous chips to insert into people to modify their lives. The movie includes chases in classic cars, escapes, and chases through the Pichincha and Imbabura provinces. The movie is also being released in the middle of the release of Meta. <Sounds like a good movie – will it have English subtitles? And your chip is in the mail from Facebook. Don’t open that package — there’s a propellant that will shoot the chip into your body.>

Titular –

Cuenca goldsmith Blanca Portilla is still making jewelry at 87. (El Mercurio)

Quito, más deudas que logros (Quito, more debts than achievements) – Today is the 487th anniversary of the founding of Quito, and it arrived with a host of problems resulting from the Covid pandemic and mismanagement of the city for some time. It’s problems include lack of safety, difficulties in mobility, corruption of its authorities, lack of support from the Government, an excess of municipal employees, the division of its inhabitants, and lack of committment to care for the city. <Sorry, just not all that interested in Quito’s problems, so if you are, go to and read the article for yourself.>

Cuenca –

Comedores cumplen un rol inclusivo (Dining halls play an inclusive role) – For over 30 years, Cuenca has been operating municipal food centers, feeding lunch to children, seniors and disabled people. In addition to centers run directly by the city, there are centers that have agreements with foundations to feed 1,100 people. Because of the health emergency, most of the centers were closed, but centers to feed children have been reopening gradually in the last 4 months.

Blanca Portilla, mujer de “oro puro” (Blanca Portilla, a woman of “pure gold”) – Blanca Inés Portilla Fajardo received the title of Profesora de Taller en el Arte de Orfebrería (Workshop Professor in the Art of Goldsmithing) in 1951, becoming the first woman jeweler certified in Cuenca. She learned the craft from her father who was an accountant but who learned from one of his teachers. She is 87 and still practicing her craft. <I’ll be amazed if I’m still translating when I hit 87. Also amazed if you all haven’t learned Spanish by then, too.>

Negocios –

Envían encomiendas por Navidad (Christmas parcels sent) – It’s the season for Ecuadorians to send food to their relatives in the US. The first customers lined up starting at 6:30 with bags and baskets containing cuyes, humitas, quimbolitos, liquor, and panettone. At Quizhpi Express, packages are received between 7:30 and 10:30 for reasons of airline connections. Rogelio Quizhpi, manager of the business said most packages go to Chicago and Minneapolis with shipments made on lunes, miércoles y sábado with an average of 1,400 to 1,600 kilos in each shipment. He said that people in the US can get cuy, cheese, and other Ecuadorian and Cuencanan foods, but it’s special when it is prepared by your mother, grandmother or other family member. <How do they get this stuff through customs? I had a ham taken away from me one trip. It’s not like you can hide 1,600 kilos of food – especially cuy which you can probably still smell through the packaging.>

Descuentos y compras –

Automekano – DFSK 540, 15% discount from $23,490 to $19,990 – Free matrícula (registration) and immediate delivery –, 096 765 0100.

Mirasol & Metrocar – Chevy Onix Turbo Sedan – gas bonus of $200 for a limited time.

And that’s all for today so hasta ? Kind of a slow news day today. –


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