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Facebook removes post by Ex-President Correa for violation of website rules

A post on the Facebook page of former President Rafael Correa has been removed because it violated website policy.

Ex-President Rafael Correa

In a Monday post, Correa urged his “digital warriors” to reveal personal information about those who criticize him on Facebook and other social media. Facebook has a policy that forbids publication of personal information of third parties without their consent and Tuesday morning website administrators removed Correa’s post.

The former president’s Facebook page has almost 1.5 million followers.

In the deleted post, Correa urged supporters to collect and reveal private data on those who “insult” him: “My dear digital warriors: just as social networks can be the ultimate expression of freedom of expression, they can also be a refuge for cowards. That is why I propose that you expose those who throw insults, find out who they are and where they live, etc., and then see if they still say their crap on social networks. All right?”

Correa’s post, portions of which also appeared on his Twitter account, drew hundreds of angry responses as well as complaints sent to Facebook administrators.

18 thoughts on “Facebook removes post by Ex-President Correa for violation of website rules

  1. This truly tells you all you need to know about Correa’s delicate ego and lack of character. I can’t wait for the faulkner spin on this one.

  2. The guy is so desperate to stay relevant. He’s got a serious case of separation anxiety.

    1. So what? What’s your point? It’s news so CHL covered it. Do you think CHL should shill for Correa and shield him from negative reports as he was accustomed to during his reign in Ecuador?

  3. Correa’s was and is a sad human being.. Thank the good lord
    that dictators like Chevas, Mudura,Correa days are over. They can no longer deprive their people of basic rights to guide their own path not one they decided is right

    1. Chevas? Madura? You must be the authority on the subject, so maybe you can enlighten us. What basic rights were the people deprived of?

  4. Has Correa and his wife moved to Brussels yet? That should occupy their time working for the implementation of the NWO.

  5. Open your minds,people..We need to wait to see if this is “fake news”… Of course, the question is who really knows if Correa posted these comments? RELAX… tomarlo con calma….

    1. Nothing fake about it. Correa said the exact same thing about “outing” his critics during his sabatinas when he was president. Unfortunately, Facebook was not able to censor him when he was president.

  6. correa always made up the rules
    as he went along- the whole world is wrong and only He is right

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