Flooding in Gualaceo, New San Francisco Plaza contractor picked, Film festival, Roof tile dangers

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Jueves, 27/7/2016

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Thursday agenda event –

Meeting – There was a meeting this morning in the Casa de Chaguarchimbana with the neighbors and “frentistas” (people with homes and/or businesses fronting the street) (ista – your suffix for the day – like taxi –> taxista or bar –>barista) of calle de Las Herrerías, and professors and researchers from the U. of Cuenca to talk about the project for work on 22 patrimonial houses.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

OSC – The Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca will closes its first season of 2017 with Thursday performance in the Iglesia Matriz de Bibían in honor of Biblián’s 73 anniversary of cantonization, and Friday a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz in Cuenca.

Pasillo – The U. Politécnica Salesiana will present an homage to the Ecuadorian pasillo Friday a las 19:30 in the Carlos Crespi theater. This performance will be the closing show of the first season of the 2017 “Viernes Cultural Salesiano.” (Salesian Cultural Friday).

Articles about –

La Orquídea Film Festival – A new addition to the La Orquídea Film Festival will be “El Rally Cinematográfico Universitario.” It’s a national competition open to university students and recent grads in film and communications. Applicants can form groups of up to six, create a project, and present it until 15/10. A jury will select 6 finalists and announce them on 1/11. Each group will have to produce a short fiction film shot in 3 days (72 hrs. from 20/11 to 23/11) at one of 10 iconic sites in Cuenca. The 6 short films will be shown in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz during which a jury will select the best film. The prize comes with a financial reward and the right to compete in the Inter-university Short Film Festival at the U. of Sabana, Colombia. <I wonder if the applicants will take the time between submitting their projects to the announcement of the finalists to write and rehearse as if they were going to be one of the six? University students? Probably not – a sleepless scramble to film something still in the conceptual phase. They find out on 1/11 and cameras have to start rolling on 20/11. Hey – that’s almost 3 weeks – an eternity.>

Gabriel Zamora – The exhibit “La Gravedad Siempre Gana” (Gravity Always Wins) opens hoy a las 19:00 at MMAM (Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno). The artist has also moved his studio into one of the rooms where he is working on a large scale painting.

“El Otro Violín” – This dance/violin performance was at noon in the hall of the Museo Pumapungo. <If anyone went, tell me what it was like.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Estragos en Gualaceo tras el desbordamiento de río (Havoc in Gualaceo after river overflows) Streets became rivers yesterday. The Santa Barbara River overflowed at 6:00 and started flooding streets. Two hours later the water was in the houses, as much as a meter deep.
The re-onset of winter has caused problems in various roads including the areas of Chalacay-Quebrada Honda, Jurupillos, the Sacre sector and the Gaulaceo-Plan de Milagro, some of were blocked by slides.

Water service interruption – ETAPA announced a water shut off for viernes, 28/7 for all users within the following limits: Vía a Ricaurte, Calle Daniel Duran, Julia Vernal, Panamericana Norte. The area includes sectors such as Colegio Catalinas, Estadio Severo Espinoza, Capilla Señor de Burgos, Subcentro de Salud, Mercado Central de Ricaurte, Barrio El Cisne, Barrio El Quinche, Barrio El Arenal, Colegio Militar “Abdón Calderón,” Barrio San Francisco, Barrio La Inmaculada, Molinopamba Alto, Molinopamba Bajo, Quinta Sofía, Barrio Los Pinos, Barrio Huajilbamba La Merced, Barrio la Nube, and Ciudadela Kennedy.

Pensions – Italy and Ecuador signed a memorandum of cooperation which ensures that Ecuadorians who worked and earned pensions in Italy will not lose them if they return to Ecuador.

Megaparque – 5 megaparks are planned as part of the “Cinturón Verde” (Green Belt) Project to increase green space per person from 5.18 m. to 11 or 12 as recommended by the World Health Organization. Parque De La Libertad is about 35-40% complete with respect to the green space. A lookout tower is up to 19 m., half its final height. A second park, La Luz, on the Tú Eres Pedro (You Are Peter) Hill, started last week. The ecomegaparque la Música in the El Plateado sector of Nulti Parish is entering the land acquisition phase.

Roof tiles – Glazed roof tile production currently uses lead oxide. A training workshop on the dangers of using lead was organized by the City Environmental Commission and the U. of Cuenca. 70 roof tile producers attended. There is research going on to find other products that will result in the same glazed finish. <Don’t sand your roof tiles without a protective mask.>

TAME accident report – The results of the investigation by the Junta Investigadora de Accidentes (Accident Investigation Board) have been given to Mayor Cabrera, but will not be made public. They will need to be reviewed by CORPAC which manages the airport, and then be made public. The airplane itself is “destruida” (totalled). CORPAC Director Juan Fernández said that he is in talks with other airlines about providing service to Cuenca. One is Avianca. <Pray, but don’t hold your breath.>

“Contratista” <see suffix for the day above> for SF Plaza – The new contractor for the SF Plaza renovations was selected by a “sorteo” (drawing). <You got it. The picture shows a rep. from the neighborhood drawing a paper out of a footed glass bowl.> 5 contractors qualified from the first bid, and agreed to do the work for the previous budget: $1,372,000 plus IVA. <So the selection process wasn’t as weird as it sounded.> There were 7 contractors from the original bidding. One was disqualified for a family relationship with a city employee, another declined to participate in the drawing since its original bid was higher than the budget, and the remaining 5 names went into the bowl. The contractor will be the Consorcio Plaza San Francisco represented by Engineer Galo Delgado. A notaria pública was on hand “para dar fe” (to give faith/ to make sure everything was on the up and up).

Bus fare possibilities – The fare study conducted by the U. of Cuenca came up with 4 alternatives: 26, 32, 33, or 34 cents. The president of the Cuenca Chamber of Transportation (CTC) said the fare should be 38 cents since the fleet needs to be replaced with buses having EURO 3 technology. These buses are less polluting, but more expensive. He said the CTC has a plan to improve service including training drivers, renovating the buses, improving security, and generating employment since a higher fare would allow having 2 drivers per bus. <Does one driver sit on the other’s lap? Or does this mean two shifts to allow extended hours?) A couple of the passengers interviewed said they would consider a higher fare if there was a considerable improvement in service. The mayor said that the report on Tranvía fares would be done at the end of julio or beginning of agosto.

Business Page – 6 out of 10 Ecuadorians are underemployed according to Caterina Costa, president of the National Chambers of Industry of Ecuador.

Amenidades –

Expo, concierto, y fiesta – Students of AULA photo school and lab, will exhibit their work mañana a las 20:00 in the Repúblic Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55 entre Mariano Cueva y Hermano Miguel). Los Vuelos de Mariangul will play. Free.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Jueves, 3/8 –


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