Indulgent desserts that won’t pack on the pounds!

Mar 28, 2020 | 1 comment

As reported in Interesting Engineering, in response to being cooped up at home, many are “stress eating.” In addition to toilet paper and canned goods, they’re stocking up on comfort foods like chocolate, ice cream, chips, and dips. They report that on Twitter, “people are posting their indulgences, with Yahoo! news reporting one user, Chiara, as having posted, “I’m going to eat a tube of Pringles. Now getting fat is the lesser evil #coronavirus.” Well, it’s far easier to gain weight than to lose it, so here’s a delicious strategy.

Diet is a key ingredient for strong immunity, especially vegetables and fruits. So indulge yourself now, and in the future, by kicking the junk out of your house, and inviting in some indulgent sweet treats daily, in the form of fruit!

Here are some favorite fruit desserts and treats: I’ve linked each recipe to the website I sourced it from, and there are plenty more! Feel free to add yours in the comments below. If you can’t get one fruit, substitute another. For example, instead of apple, use papaya. Instead of orange, try star fruit. No watermelon? Try guava.

  1. Let’s start simple: The BBC Good Food blog features this easy-to-make and tasty recipe, “Frozen fruit sticks with passion fruit & lime drizzle.”
    Frozen fruit sticks with passion fruit & lime drizzle

    Credit: BBC Good Food


  2.’s Honey and Lime Grilled Pineapple is a perfect recipe for Cuenca! Pineapples are so inexpensive and sweet!

    Grilled pineapple with coconut and ice cream on top

    Credit: Live Eat

  3. This Easy Cinnamon Baked Apples recipe from the Minimalist Baker calls for a mixture of tart and sweet apples, and depending on what’s available, can be sweetened with stevia, honey, or panela. I love the ginger and nutmeg additions, but it’s great with just cinnamon too.

    Ceramic baking dish filled with AMAZING Cinnamon Baked Apples and topped with vegan ice cream

    Credit: The Minimalist Baker

  4. Dried fruits make a super-sweet and comforting warm “fruit salad.” Try this recipe from BBC Good Food.
    Winter fruit salad

    Credit: BBC Good Food


  5. What could be easier (or more natural) than this Kiwi Sorbet recipe from The Honour System? Just two ingredients, fresh kiwi and limes. Plentiful in Cuenca!
    Kiwi Sorbet

    Credit: The Honour System


  6. Strawberry Mango Smoothie

    Credit: Baker by Nature

    Fresh or frozen! And of course, you can peel and freeze any fruit, such as strawberries, mangos, bananas, and grapes! Buy in bulk, and then freeze your fruits until you’re ready to use. Here’s a nice Strawberry Mango Smoothie recipe from Baker by Nature.
    Food, Nutrition, and Your Health columnist Susan Burke March moved to Cuenca after 35 years as a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator in the United States. She currently serves as the Country Representative from Ecuador for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

    Susan helps people attain better weight and health, and reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions that can be improved with smart lifestyle modifications.

    Susan is offering “Free” 20-minute consultations for just a $15 donation to one of the important foundations here in Cuenca. It’s a perfect time to address issues such as cooking at home, strategies for weight loss, or boosting your immunity by improving your diet.

    Contact her at

Susan Burke March

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