Jueves, 18/2/2016: San Francisco Plaza merchants oppose plans, Rock concert, Water shuts offs, Dead monkeys, Documentary

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

U. of Cuenca Symphony – Thurs at 20:00 in the museo Catedral Vieja with Guayaquileño guitarist Marcelo Pepper.chl jeanne logo

Documentary – “Eco de la montaña” (Mountain echo) Fri. at 19:00 in the Prohibido Centro Cultural. Cost $1.50. (Almost as cheap as a DVD)

Rock concert – tomorrow at 21:00 in La Parola (Calle Larga y Hermano Miguel) with Rider’s which will play rock and pop from the 80’s and 90’s. I’ve never heard of the bands they’re covering – Alanis Morriseth, Roxette, Alejandra Guzmán, Aterciopelados. (Shows either my age or musical preferences.)

Articles about –

“Entornos,” the exhibit opened Thurs at 19:00 in MMAM with photos, sound works and sculpture. The exhibit seeks to decontextualize (and that is in English, whatever it means) every day things like fences, mud and sounds and interpret them in unusual ways.

The Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas “Escenarios del Mundo” (International Festival of Performing Arts “World Stages”) received a $20,000 grant from Iberescena to organize their 2016 festival.

Youth programs for 14-29-year-olds that start on 22/2 include workshops in drums, dance, hip hop and singing as part of the “Cuenca Joven” project. (Car insurance companies, and evidently the City of Cuenca know males up to their mid or late 20’s are still boys.) There are also talks about sexual health and not taking drugs and alcohol. Register at the Casa de la Juventud (calle Latinoamericana y Brazil, Parque del Ángel, sector la Totems. For more info call 409 8467. (You know, I try to use local conventions in things like dates and capitalizing, but I think I’m going to stop typing the phone numbers all run together. They’re just too hard to read without breaks.)

Otras cosas –

Titular (two today) –

Propuesta ante crisis laboral (Proposal for labor crisis) – the business sector in Azuay is asking the government to eliminate advance tax payments and to control contraband.

Ventas de vehículos se van de la España (Car sales have left España) (your words for the day are “se van” or “se va” depending on if you’re talking about things that just up and leave, or just one thing that is disappearing on you. Like “Mi memoria se fue.” – My memory up and went.) Businesses that were on the Tranvía route along av. España, Cuenca’s Auto Row, have closed or moved, some to Huayna Capac.

San Francisco Plaza – the merchants are against the rehabilitation project, mostly because they feel they have not been included in the planning process. They presented their own plan with nice booths, lighting that would encourage tourism, a food court, bike parking and the Otavaleños would stay where they are. (Sounds like exactly what there is now, except spiffed up so it won’t scare away the tourists. It’s a good place to get every day stuff.)

The wildlife refuge – Vida Silvestre Marino Costera Pacoche in Manabí was closed to tourism after 44 howler monkeys died. The cause of death is being investigated and residents of that zone are being inoculated against yellow fever. Blood and tissue tests are being done in Ecuador with a second set sent to the CDC in Atlanta.

Intermittent water shutoff this Sat – from 14-20:00 in the north part of the city to do preventive maintenance work on the Tixán Water Treatment Plant. Areas affected will include Ricuarte, Colegio de Ingenieros, Challuabamba, Parque Industrial, Rayoloma, around the airport, and the ciudadelas of Las Orquídeas, Los Trigales, Totracocha, Los Eucaliptos, Calderón and La Católica. Adjacent areas may also be affected. (Fill up some jugs and buckets – and stay out of the shower. It would be bad if you were all soaped up and the water went off.)

Internacional –

Venezuela – Pres. Maduro announced that the price of 95 octane gas is going up to cover costs of production, and the currency will be (has been? some difficult verbs and pronouns in the sentence) devalued.

Bolivia – 6 people died in a fire. Officials in El Alto, Bolivia’s 2nd largest city, accuse protesters of causing the fire after burning legal and financial documents in city offices.

Argentina – a heat wave has caused occasional power outages in Buenos Aires, affecting 50,000 users. (The folks living without air conditioning can’t be happy. I get the impression that BA in the hot season is like summer in New Orleans.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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