Jueves, 27/4/2017: Date set for San Francisco Plaza work, Expat’s murder, Drug bust, Venezuela update

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Thurs.) agenda events – <You might want to skip directly to the “Articles about” since today’s stuff is over already.>

Book launch – Dr. Jorge Villavicencio launched his book, “Relatos de consultorio” (Stories from the consulting room) Fri.

Photo exhibit – “Fotografía Documental” opened Fri. in the Centro Cultural Quinta Bolívar (av. 24 de Mayo y av. Gapal).

Dance class – There was a childrens’ dance class Fri. afternoon.

Articles about –

Commemoration – The 50th year since the publication of “Cien años de soledad” by Gabriel García Márquez was commemorated with a panel discussion at the CCE last Tuesday. This book and Don Quijote are the two most widely read books in Spanish.

CCE – election miércoles <remember miércoles?  as a substitute for a bad word, although normally used as an expletive.>

Benefit concert – The Trío Los Brillantes performed Fri. in the Teatro CCE (Luis Cordero entre (between) Sucre y Pres. Córdova).  The organizers are asking the audience to bring clothing, non-perishable food and other helpful items <toilet paper, soap?> which will be sent to the northern coast of Peru to help flood victims.

Portraits – “Variaciones” by Jaime Carrión is showing at the Galería de la Alcaldía.  It is a collection of women’s faces in watercolor.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – El 8 de mayo inician obras en San Francisco (Work in San Francisco Plaza starts May 8) – The first order of work will be clearing the plaza of the old, metal structures, renovating the plaza, and installing temporary street furniture to relocate the merchants  <I wonder if they’re going to have moving sale specials?>  who will be relocated to Padre Aguirre between Jaramillo y Pres. Córdova for 10 months.  <A regular 10 months or a Tranvía 10 months?>

Billboards – A proposed municipal ordinance to regulate the use of public space to put up signs and publicity passed its first debate.

Elections – CNE is analyzing a package of reforms to present to the National Assembly in June.  The intent is to eliminate confusion and speculation by citizens who don’t differentiate between an “encuesta a boca de urna” (exit poll), a rapid count, or official results from CNE.  <And now here you are – a gringo who would not be expected to know the difference, more informed than the citizenry.>  One of the proposals is that exit poll results would not be published until the official results are out.  This would also cover internet publicity.

Landslide – The vía Riobamba-Chunchi-Cuenca <that’s E35, folks – the Panamericana Norte your – main road to Quito> will be closed until the search for more bodies and cleaning off the road is complete.  A search is continuing for a young man who disappeared after the slide.  A state of emergency has been declared for the area, and the land is continuing to slide.

Drug bust – 14 people including 7 active duty cops were detained in an anti-narcotics operation in Guayaquil.

March – Provincial government workers and employees marched yesterday as a public petition to the national government to transfer money it owes to the provincial government so they can get paid for last month  <or the last 3 or 4 months depending on who’s talking.  Moreno certainly has his hands full.>

Extranjero – The body of Jonathan Charles Gilchrist, a 56 year old US citizen was discovered this past 29/3. He was buried 2 meters deep under layers of concrete under a house in the Mucho Lote development north of Guayaquil.  His body was taken to the forensics center in Cuenca.  The victim had lived in Ecuador for several years and had a hotel chain.  He was reported missing on 15/1/17.  3 people were arrested and 2 cars were recovered, presumably sold by the detainees.  The motive is presumed to be robbery.

Internacional –

Venezuela – OEA (Organización de Estados Americanos) approved the calling of a meeting of the Foreign Ministers with 19 in favor, 10 against (including Ecuador), 4 abstentions and 1 absent.  The meeting would be to address the political crisis in the country.

In response, Venezuela said it would start the process to leave the OEA.  The process takes 2 years and Venezuela would need to pay the $8.7 million it owes to the OEA.

Perú – Ex-president Ollanta Humala, his wife, and some of her relatives and friends are under investigation for alleged money laundering after testimony by Odebrecht. The couple also admitted the authenticity of tapes recorded during the 2011 campaign which was presented as evidence of alleged irregular payments to their political party.

Deportes –

Endurance – The 120km and 80 km. distances of Copa Ecuestre Latacunga Pensil de los Andes were won by two Azuayan “jinetes,” (riders, horsewomen (men) – your word for the day) Bernarda González in the 120 km. juvenil category and Claudia Loyola in the 80 km.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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