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Moreno plans national referendum, sources say

President Lenin Moreno plans to call a “consulta popular,” or national referendum, that could make at least two major changes to the Ecuadorian constitution, sources say.

An aide says Moreno will call a referendum.

The first would reconsider a constitutional amendment that allows the indefinite re-election of some government officials, including the president. The second could redefine or abolish entirely the Consejo de Participación Ciudadana y Control Social (CPCCS), or Council of Citizen Participation and Social Control.

José Hernández, a former editor at the Quito newspaper El Comercio and currently a contributor to the conservative political blog 4Pelegatos, said that the referendum may include other issues as well. An advisor to Moreno, who asked not to be identified, confirmed that there are plans for a referendum but said dates and topics to be included remain to be determined.

A constitutional amendment allowing indefinite re-election of the president, supported by Correa, passed the National Assembly in 2016. The Council of Citizen Participation and Social Control was created by the 2008 constitution as a new branch of government, assuming responsibilities previously assigned to the National Assembly.

Before he became the Alianza País candidate for president, Moreno said in an interview that he was “not comfortable” with the indefinite re-election of the president or the role the CPCCS, which he said was a “thinly disguised” extension of executive authority.

15 thoughts on “Moreno plans national referendum, sources say

  1. As a citizen of both Ecuador and the U.S., I will vote to support both of these amendments.

    Ahora se respira libertad.

  2. It is amazing how power changes the views of politicians. Now, President Moreno calls for the indefinite re-election of the President. Ironically, he is in power precisely because past- President Correa could not run again. Cosas veredes!

    1. I think you misunderstand. Under Correa, Ecuador passed an amendment allowing indefinite re-election of the President. Now Moreno is proposing to reverse that amendment, to prohibit indefinite re-election of the President.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding me. A politician with the sense to limit the power of of ALL politicians to serve forever? The same guy that recognizes that you can’t keep spending money you don’t have? The same guy that is tolerant of dissent?

    Okay, I don’t care if you insist on calling this guy a socialist because of his party membership, but I’ll call him a libertarian and he will earn my vote and my respect based on his actions, in spite of what others want to call him.

    1. If calling a card carrying Socialist named “Lenin” a Libertarian works for you then so be it. I knew you’d come around.

      Can I get you a green Lenin T-Shirt? How about an AP flag to hang on your living room wall. LOL

      1. Personally, I hate that color green!! I hated it before it meant AP, and now I hate more!! Hahahaa!!

        1. Hmmmm… green is my favorite color regardless of its AP significance. However, I’m not going to let petty ideology get in the way of wearing a nice T-shirt that Beth is going to give me. I meant it when I said I’d be honored to wear a Moreno T-Shirt.

          1. I like emerald green olive green, pale green, forest green just not fosforescent green…but I am kind of liking Moreno…If he is allowed to govern, as he sees necessary, and make positive changes, he has my support.

    2. I agree with your statements. President Moreno – so far-so good. Moreno is the first politician that has performed better than expected, IMO.

      1. Yes, think of that; a politician that actually exceeds expectations. But as you say, “so far, so good.” Let’s hope this continues.

  4. High regards to President Moreno to stand up for what is correct in indefinite re-elections. It would be to his ‘personal’ advantage to take the opposite position, so it shows a moral compass pointing in the right direction. There should be term limits on politicians right down to college professors. This is another, “no brainer”. Those who take oppose this show their lack of thinking skills as well as the much talked about, “common sense”!

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