Presidential candidates lay out economic plans; Local tv announcer gets death threats; ETAPA sending more water to rural areas; Alianza Francesa music festival

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Lunes, 1/2/2021

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

Abren convocatoria a la Fiesta de Música (Open call for the Fiesta de Música) – The Alianza Francesa which has produced the Fiesta de Música for 25 years is asking for musicians, designers, photographers, and audiovisual producers for this year’s Fiesta which is scheduled for 18 & 19/6. The director of the Alianza explained that they have various plans for organizing the festival and the health situation will determine which plans will be used. If you are interested in participating, fill out the form on You can send it to fiestadelamusica@afcuenca or bring it to their office (calle Tadeo Torres 1-92 y Solano) by 29/3.

The presidential candidates during a debate earlier this month.

From el periodico del sábado, 30/1/2021 –
Cine francés en la Alianza (French cinema in the Alianza) – The Alianza Francesa will be showing 2 films el 2 & 9/2 a las 19:00 in the auditorium. Free.

Conversatorio de etnografía (Ethnography conversation) – The Cátedra Permanente de Antropología will present a conversation about research into ethnography in the area of ecology el próximo 4/2. To attend, go to

Convocatoria de la Bienal (Biennial call) – The call for national artists who want to be part of the Bienal 15 de Cuenca starts tomorrow. If you’re interested, send your resume, a description of your work, and a maximum of 10 fotos of your work to convocatoria

Otras cosas –

Titular – Ecuador, en la recta final de elección presidencial (Ecuador, in the final stretch of the presidential election) – All 16 candidates submitted their thoughts on how they will improve the economy. <I’m too lazy to translate all 16 (but not as lazy as those of you who refuse to learn Spanish) so I’ll translate the 3 front runners.>

Andrés Arauz – Strengthen the public bank; reduce interest rates; reverse privatization processes of public assets; fight against monopolies; and boost entrepreneurship, agricultural industry, exports and the productive aparatus.

Guillermo Lasso – Strengthen entrepreneurship; support negocios populares (businesses of the people); financing and training for businesses; expand exports; legal security; and promote agriculture, renewable energy, and responsible mining. <Does responsible mining actually exist?>

Yaku Pérez – Boost social policy, boost agriculture, separation of the bank and the State, reduce interest rates, “trabajar menos, distribuir más y producir lo necesario” (“work less, distribute more and produce what is necessary”) <I don’t think it’s possible to work less than I do.>, rural production, sustainable energy, non-payment of eternal debt, tax reforms, universal security.

Más agua para 5 parroquias rurales (More water for 5 rural parishes) – ETAPA inauguated a water pipeline project that takes crude water from Saymirín to the treatment plant in Tixán which provides potable water to 60% of the inhabitants of Cuenca. The additional water will serve mostly the rural parishes of Ricuarte, Llacao, Nulti, Paccha y El Valle. The $9 million cost of the project was financed by a loan from the Banco de Desarrollo del Ecuador (BDE).

ETAPA’s manager, José Luis Espinoza said that the $60+ million project for a sewage treatment plant in Guangarcucho is in the <bad pun alert> pipeline since the current treatment plant at Ucubamba is near its maximum capacity. <Must be all those gringos flushing their toilet paper and overwhelming the system. >

Se investiga amenazas a presentadora de televisión (Threats to television host are investigated) – María Elisa Padilla Cardoso, a 27 year old Cuencana TV host, made public the death threats she’s received on social networks since 25/12/2020. One of the threats said, “I will kill you like Efraín Ruales.” Ruales was a Guayaquil TV announcer who was shot and killed el 27/1/2021 in the north of Guayaquil.

Antes de votar revise las propuestas (Review the proposals before voting) – All 16 presidential candidates submitted Twitter sized proposals in the areas of Corruption, International Relations, Econonomy and Employment, and Education and Health. It’s on the back page of the El Mercurio print edition.

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