Talks to head off transporation strike to begin; More vaccination centers added; U.S. upgrades Ecuador travel status; Roads damaged by floods, landslides

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Miércoles, 9/6/2021

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Titular – Gobierno y choferes acuerdan el diálogo (Government and drivers agree to a dialogue) – Transportation unions reached an agreement with Pres. Lasso to not repeat the protests that paralyzed Quito last month and last week’s partial strike in Guayaquil while negotiations were proceeding on fuel costs and vaccinations. A decision was reached to form a committee with 5 representatives from transportation unions and the Ministers of Energy, Transport, and Government. The committee will start working el próximo lunes to talk about fuel costs, specifically diesel. One union leader asked that fuel prices be frozen while the talks are ongoing since there is another increase scheduled for el 11/6. The transportistas got a promise from the Government to treat vaccinations for their members as a priority. The negotiations will also include giving credit to transportistas affected by the pandemic, and to restructure bank and cooperativa loans.

Habrá cambios en cedulación (There will be changes in ID process) – Two new measures are being planned for the Registro Civil in Cuenca to address the high number of requests, especially for passports. Guillermo Rodríguez, Zone 6 coordinator for the Registro Civil, said it will return to an on-line appointment system for cédulas which will be issued exclusively at the office in El Batán (ex CREA). The goal is to reduce the risk of Covid infections and improve service. Last weekend, 1,340 passports, an historic high, were issued. Other documents such as birth, death, and marriage certificates will be issued at both locations.

Control a tramitadores (Control of processors) – Members of the Policía Nacional are stationed outside the main office of the Registro Civil to maintain order and avoid the presence of processors who take advantage people who need to do business. Authorities are asking that the citizenry report people who ask for money to help with paperwork. This is illegal since since the procedures are personal. <Oh, no – what are non-Spanish speaking gringos going to do without their processors? Although you’d think when your cedula expires after you’ve been here 10 years, you should have at least learned enough Spanish to stand in the right line.>

Road repairs are underway throughout the province following weather-related damage. (El Mercurio)

A familias afectadas por lluvias dan ayuda (Help for families affected by rains) – Ecoline and the Fundación Cámara de Industrias, Producción y Empleo (CIPEM) donated stoves to families who were victims of the flooding in Cuenca. Acción Social, part of the City, collaborated in delivering the stoves since it identified the most affected zones. Cerámica Andina also donated dishware. The municipality is continuing with brigades that deliver clothes, food, hygiene kits, and mattresses, and where needed, medical and psychiatric attention. Acción Social is still taking donations of vituallas (viands/food – your useless word for the day) from citizens.

Cuenca tiene 13 puntos de vacunación (Cuenca has 13 vaccination points) – 9 new vaccinations points have been set up in Cuenca as part of the strategy proposed by the Government to speed up the immunization process. As of 11/6, sites for first doses will be at the Coliseo de la UPS, Unidad Educativa César Dávila Andrade, Coliseo de la Unidad Educativa Herlinda Toral, Unidad Educativa Isabel Moscoso Dávila, Colegio Sudamericano (Ricaurte), Colegio María Auxiliadora (Salesianas), Coliseo del Colegio Manuel J. Calle, Unidad del Milenio Febres Cordero, UDA, Coliseo de la U. of Cuenca, Colegio Benigno Malo, Escuela de Educación Básica Juan León Mera, y Campus Bicentenario de la UDA in Baños.

According to the weekly schedule, seniors 67 years old got vaccinated today as well as people from 50-64 years old with serious conditions or more than 50% disabled whose cedulas end with 5 or 6. Tomorrow will be for seniors 66 years old and people from 50-64 years old with serious conditions or more than 50% disabled whose cedulas end with 7 & 8. El viernes will be for seniors 65 years old and people from 50-64 years old with serious conditions or more than 50% disabled whose cedulas end with 9 or 0. <Lasso sure is organized – this is logical and easy to understand even if there are problems in the execution.>

Cuenca hopes to vaccinate 315,000 people in the first 100 days of the Plan 9/100, with 80% of them in priority groups. Teresa Bermeo, coordinator of the “Veeduría Por la Vida” (oversight committee) said that the Coordinación Zonal 6 de Salud hasn’t reported on how many people were actually vaccinated in the first week of the plan. She added that 700,000 more vaccines are expected in Ecuador in the next 10 days but didn’t know how many would be sent to Cuenca. She also said that there have been inconveniences at the vaccine sites related to the place and time of vaccinations which did not coincide with information people received by phone.

Invierno destroza vías del Azuay (Winter destroys Azuay roads) – The main damage to roads in Azuay include slides, blocked ditches, and an increase in potholes. The cantonal and parroquial GADs are making repairs with their own funds and the help of the Consejo Provincial del Azuay. There are maintenance and repair projects going on in El Valle, Nabón, and Llacao. The daily reports issued by ECU-911 on the state of the roads that connect Azuay, Cañar and Morona Santiago indicate they are in bad shape. The last report issued ayer, said there were slides in the Ingamullo II sector. As to the vía Guarumales-Méndez, km 112 has been partially cleared. On the vía Cumbe-Girón-Pasaje, there are problems at km. 31,49,75,86,95 & 97. On the vía Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme the road has been partially cleared between km. 29 & 101. Minister of Transporte y Obras Públicas, Marcelo Cabrera, referred to the state of the vía Guarumales-Méndez on Twitter saying “¡Aquí se necesita una solución definitiva!” (Here you need a definitive solution!) <Oh, really? Has he figured out that now it’s his job to provide that solution?>

Estados Unidos flexibiliza sus recomendaciones para viajar (The United States makes its travel recommendations more flexible) – 70 countries, including Ecuador, passed from level 4 (very high risk) to level 3 (high risk). México, Ecuador y Honduras passed to level 3 while most Latin American countries stayed at level 4. The CDC recommends no travel for whatever reason to countries at level 4, and that travel is OK to level 3 countries with a vaccination. The US itself is at level 3.

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