Arrest made in two ‘serial’ murder cases

Apr 10, 2017 | 0 comments

National police have arrested a man identified at José Víctor Y. for two recent Cuenca murders. Prior to Sunday’s arrest, police said the considered the perpetrator a “serial murder.”

Guangarcucho residents cut undergrowth near murder scene.

The suspect is accused of the murders of Disney Maybelline O. and Rosa Regina C., both of which were described as “brutal” by Deputy Minister of Homeland Security Diego Fuentes, who worked with police on the case.

Disney Maybelline O., 40, was found dead March 31 on a road leading to the Amaru Zoo. She was an employee at the zoo. Rosa Regina C., 38, was killed on a trail that connects the Cuenca-Azogues highway with the highway to Jadán, at the Guangarcucho interchange.

“The arrest is the result of excellent research work from the DINASED (National Directorate of Crimes against Life, Violent Deaths Disappearances, Extortion and Kidnappings),” Fuentes said in a Twitter post. “It is good to have this man off the streets. The people of Cuenca can now rest easier knowing this,” he added.


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