Correists can’t campaign against referendum

Dec 6, 2017 | 9 comments

The faction of Alianza País loyal to former president Rafael Correa will not be able to legally oppose the seven questions on President Lenin Moreno’s referendum. The referendum election is scheduled for Sunday, February 4.

President Lenin Moreno

The National Electoral Council (CNE), the organization that monitors elections and distributes public campaign funding, only recognizes the Alianza País faction of the party that supports Moreno. In November, the CNE refused to ratify Correista officer election results which replaced Moreno with Ricardo Patiña as AP president.

Of the 17 national political parties and movements registered by CNE, 14 have said they plan to support all seven questions on the referendum. Among those parties are Crea, Suma, and the Democratic Left, parties that opposed Moreno in the May elections.

The CRE said campaigning for the referendum election will begin January 3 and end on February 1, three days ahead of the vote. The council said it would invite 110 international observers to oversee the election, including a delegation from the European Union.

According to the CRE, the election budget is $48.3 million.

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