Domingo, 25/9/2016: Mayor blames predecessor for tram troubles, International dance festival, Mining opposition, Cervantes

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La Fundación Un Buen Cosejo (Good Advise Foundation) – The foundation is providing counseling and a guide for finding solutions to your personal problems. (You mean you can’t find it at the bottom of a bottle of Laphroig?)  Those interested can call 403 6075 and 421 8766.  Free.

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Exposición de Cervantes – The landscape of the Spanish region “La Mancha” has been temporarily transferred to Quito at the “Yo, Cervantes” exhibit in the Museo del Carmen Alto.  The exhibit, which is more about Cervantes’ personal life than his work, will run until 31/12.

Feria de Universidades – “Great Universities 2016” is an educational fair today in the Centro de Convenciones at the Mall del Río from 17-21:00.  There will be 20 universities from Great Britain represented who will provide a complete package of information.  Patrick Mullee, British ambassador to Ecuador, said that these universities are among the best in the world, and that for countries using the dollar, there is a financial advantage due to the falling Euro.  (But I thought the Brits were still using the pound – I guess it must be falling relative to the dollar, too.)

Fiestas in honor of the Virgen de la Merced – The fiestas, which were held over the weekend, end at 18:00 today (Domingo). There were parades, religious events, the inaugural of the show “La historia de la Paja Toquilla” at the Economuseo Casa del Sombrero, crafts, and gastonomy.

II Encuentro Internacional Danza Folklórica” – 10 troupes from Euador, Colombia and Perú will be in Cuenca from 11-15/10 at the Teatro Sucre.  Free.  (Be patient, there will probably be more announcements about times of performances and/or workshops.)

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Titular –  El oro confronta 2 tesis opuestas (Gold –  two opposing views) – There were two assemblies yesterday – the Parlamento Popular del Agua y Ambiente (People’s Parliament of Water and the Environment) which concluded that mining should be suspended until there are studies of aquifers and Mitos y Verdades sobre la Minería (Myths and Truths about Mining) which supports extraction of gold.

Rosas de Ecuador – As part of Ecuador’s campaign to promote roses in China, roses were featured in a prime time show.  (The description of the romantic dating show sounds something like “The Bachelor”.)  Rose exports in the first 7 months of 2016 increased 36% with respect to 2015 with 160 tons worth $2.2 million.  Ecuador is the main exporter of flowers into China with a 62% share.  (Could the growers keep up with demand if a billion Chinese (or even a half billion) started giving each other roses for all special events?)

Public announcement – a full two pages from the Cuenca Alcaldía (Mayor’s office) about the Tranvía.  It starts out saying the Tranvía was a campaign proposal by the previous administration, the contract was done irresponsibly, and continues saying that the problems are not the current administration’s fault.  (The rest of of it is in very small print and is complicated, but may lay the groundwork for whatever comes next – liquidated damages, cancellation of contract?  Maybe just the coming elections.)

Road openings – Benigno Malo was opened to traffic across Gran Colombia and Mariscal Lamar yesterday.  As of 1 pm, traffic was slow because there weren’t any street markings and and no clear division between vehicular and pedestrian lanes.

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Colombia – The Décima Conferencia Guerrillera (The Tenth Guerrilla Conference) ended yesterday with FARC approving the peace agreement with the Government, and promising to lay down arms and transform itself into a political party.  (Can you imagine the Bundys doing anything like that?)

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El Tucumán Restaurante – The “Tucumán” at the Hostería Durán has special weekend gourmet menus.  It also has promotions where guests celebrating their birthdays are their guests and get a “Plan Termal Relax de Spa Novaqua;” a welcome cocktail; and a complementary bottle of wine for parties over 10.  Price: $16.50 incl. taxes.

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