Illegal mine near Cuenca is investigated; New leads in Panama Papers case; Cold weather forecast through the weekend; School reopening project is successful

Jun 25, 2021

Jueves, 24/6/2021

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Titular – Chats de Celi le complican (Celi’s chats complicate things) – Chats found on Comptroller Pablo Celi’s phone were presented to AG Diana Salazar during Celi’s hearing to his sentence to preventive prison revoked. The text messages contained phrases such as “fire that person, look for a way to help, eliminate, erase, stop,” and were written to his subordinates to comply with irregular actions for which he received economic benefits in exchange. <The rest of the article got too complicated for me to figure out since it’s about making glosas fade away. And there’s a legal meaning of glosas I don’t understand – something to do with a public servant signing unauthorized or illegal contracts.>

Fiscal ofrece sorpresa en caso INA (Prosecutor offers surprise in INA case) – The AG’s office said that in the past few weeks it has received very important information from Panama which has increased the scope of the INA investigation. The INA Papers case is investigating people close to ex-president Moreno who have off shore businesses in which they received deposits of millions. AG Diana Salazar said that no one implicated is going to be left out of the investigation, and she has asked Panamanian authorities for more information. <This AG should be the model for AGs around the world — follow the dirty money where ever it goes.>

An illegal mine is being investigated on the border of the Cuenca canton. (El Mercurio)

Minería en bosque protector de Azuay (Mining in the protected forest of Azuay) – A report from the Contraloría General del Estado indicates there is a small mine without technical specifications in a protected forest on the border between Cuenca and Camilo Ponce Enríquez cantons. The report covers the period from 2/1/2015 to 30/6/2020 and concluded that the mining concession files were disorganized, incomplete, out of order, and made it difficult to control the activity. A biologist indicated that the area around the mine has waterfalls, forests and a variety of birds and mammals that need to be conserved. The Comptroller indicated that the workers are not affiliated with the Seguro Social in spite of the risks in their jobs. It also determined that the resolution for the authorization of productive use and human consumption of the water resource in the area was in the name of a different owner and there were no previous administrative acts. Information about the mine production does not comply with technical guides and it uses mercury. Information about the mine production is not real, work from the exploitation phase was not reported in the production reports, nor the payment of the respective royalties.

Capacitan sobre las redes sociales (Training about social networks) – Acción Social of the Municipio de Cuenca, started a training program for parents about the use of social networks, especially by children and adolescents. The goal for this on-line training is to prevent problems from bad management of these digital tools. Part of the training is on the legal age limits for having an account, analysis of the most common networks, and risks of sharing personal information. One of the suggestions is to keep electronic devices where parents can see them. <Another reason is because it’s easier for the kids to teach their parents how to use those devices and set up the blocks to protect the children.>

Ola de frío hasta el fin de semana (Cold wave until the weekend) – The Instituto Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (Inamhi) announced a decrease in temperatures in the interandean alley where Cuenca and Azuay are located. This will last at least through the weekend. Sectors above 2,850 msnm (metros sobre el nivel del mar – meters above sea level) will be the coldest including temperatures of 4-5 C. Inamhi also warned that crops at these higher elevations as well as animals left outside could be affected. <Pick your frozen vegetables directly off the stem or vine.> Román Cedeñi, an environmental engineer, explained that the cold is in large part due to masses of cold air from the south of the continent. This can cause snow and ice in places such as the Parque Nacional Cajas.

This cold wave can also increase respiratory illnesses. Lorena Medina, a doctor researching viral illnesses, recommended drinking hot liquids to maintain your body temperature, and don’t expose yourself to open air especially at night. <And don’t flop down in the snow and make snow angels. If you grew up in Hawaii or Florida, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.> She also recommended eating foods rich in vitamin C, and covering your mouth and nose when you go from a warm place into the ambient temperature. <The only warm place in my house is either in the shower or under the covers. So if I get out of the shower or the bed I should put my Covid mask on?>

“Retorno a clases ha sido exitoso” (“Return to class has been successful”) – After the first 15 days of in-person classes at 1,230 schools, the National COE and the ministra de Educación, María Brown, met to give their report on the reopening results. Brown said there was no evidence of contagions between students and teachers although 2 students caught Covid outside the school system. In-person clases at those 2 schools will be suspended with followup on the kids who have not presented with health complications. She said that the biosecurity plans worked and more schools will be opened gradually. To date, most of the open schools have been in rural zones.

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