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Look what we’ve gone and done

Well, what can I say? Today was a big day for us. Joining up with CuencaHighLife is possibly the biggest thing we have done since we launched this little newspaper almost a year and a half ago.

I still remember when THE VEGETABLE dis-PATCH changed its name to THE CUENCA DISPATCH. Some people were upset that we had not only changed the name but went to a larger size format. I can imagine this merger will bring on its own share of anxiety for some.

But we are excited beyond imagination with the possibilities of what we will be doing. Joining up with CuencaHighLife is going to help us do what’s most important to us: get more news, that isn’t hostile, to you our readers. We’re going to do that by moving to a larger Sunday edition, with more in-depth stories that build upon what you’re already reading every day in CuencaHighLife.

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We’re also going to be adding in new sections to the paper like Arts and Entertainment, Travel and feature articles about interesting Ecuadorians and expats. We’ll still have sections on World News, U.S. News and Canadian News….we won’t forget our roots!

Some of you will ask why we couldn’t have done this on our own. The simple answer is, sometimes two is better than one. And this is one of those times. What CuencaHighLife does everyday is pretty amazing. Heck, we read it every day. Couldn’t get by without it.They do what we don’t. And we do what they don’t. Combined, we are going to do so much more. And frankly, doing this on our own would never equal the product that will be coming out of the new company.

This all started about six months ago when we worked with the folks at CuencaHighLife to help Supermaxi launch its 4th of July celebration. The interaction between our two groups worked really well, considering we were competitors. And we could both see synergies. So, we started to talk about a “partnership” that would allow us to share things back and forth between the publications. And we did that for a while and thought, what
could we be if we joined together?

Now, we are here and we know what we can be: the primary English media marketing company in Cuenca. We will be able to off er online services, print and online advertising, marketing plan development and even event creation and coordination.

The principles, David Morrill, Jonathan Mogrovejo and myself, will still be around. David will be the Editor, Jonathan will handle the technical and back-end systems and become the General Manager of the business, and I will more or less do what I do now, guide the professional sales people to succeed.

And I think I’ll have the easiest role of all, because this thing is going to be so great it will sell itself!

I’m just sayin’.

14 thoughts on “Look what we’ve gone and done

  1. Michael and David- good for you guys. Now, I’ve spoken to both of you gentlemen, and you are promising less “comments” from a certain person who writes under 12 different names, right? You will eliminate the comment sections in many articles? That would be great.

    1. Michael, David and Jonathan-good for you guys. Now, I’ve spoken to all of you gentlemen and you are promising less “comments” from a guy that swears he’s driven across the Darien Gap 12 different times, right? You wouldn’t really censor comments to suit such a person, would you?

    2. That would be “fewer” comments, not “less” comments. “Less” is for things that are not countable, such as traffic, pollution, homework, milk.

      1. I live for people like you because you are willing to teach others and sometimes, suffer criticism from people that can’t take constructive criticism. We all make mistakes and when someone has the courtesy to point mine out, I’m grateful.

        The point you make about “fewer” vs. “less” is one of the more common errors in writing. Those that care about expressing themselves well, will appreciate your effort.

        By the way, in my response to Garraghan, I duplicated the error he made in order to faithfully use his own verbiage to make my point. Yes, I did this to mock him.

    3. Right, just what mature adults need is more censorship and nannying. Perhaps if you would just admit that you made up your story about the Darien Gap, the guy that you think is persecuting you will leave you alone. Take some personal responsibility instead of looking for censors to protect you from the ridicule of others.

  2. Congratulations!! What a superb idea! I believe you will create the most important publication in Cuenca for every expat. Thanks, again. Looking forward to your future.

  3. Michael – Thank you for this – It’s encouraging to know that “the Little Paper that Grew” will still be available to all of the Good News Junkies in Cuenca! Susan

  4. I stopped reading the Dispatch long ago, following one of Soares’ searing diatribes about “man made” global warming and about President Trump.

    1. I would be suprised if that were the case. The phrase “global warming” fell out of favor long before the Dispatch was created due to a lack of scientific evidence and is now referred to with the meaningless newspeak phrase “climate change” so as not to thwart the banking elite’s plan to implement a world-wide tax.

      What is wrong with diatribes about President Trump?

  5. This is truly thrilling news!! Thank you, gentlemen, for this!! After so many years here (31 to be exact), many of those years without the fun of a “newspaper/info site” in English, I enjoy CHL and the Dispatch sooo much!!! And reading all the comments is eye-opening as well!! But now I AM curious as to who it is with the multiple personality disorder?

    1. His or her primary handle is something like StillTrolling and was already banned on Gringo Post long ago..

    2. According to all of those suffering from paranoia (Julius, faulkner, Garbarini, burger, Garragan etc.) that would be me. What pisses me off most is when they accuse some clown of being me and he’s not and that clown doesn’t even come forward and say so. Sheesh, I have enough difficulty managing my multiple personalities to take on the responsibility of all of the ones they attribute to me.

      I see the comment I posted yesterday pointing out that Garragan lied about talking to or even knowing Michael Soares wasn’t published. How Topsy-Turvy; Lying is okay, but pointing it out isn’t.

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