Neighborhood bolsters security, New traffic interchanges, Brazil Week, French movie

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Domingo, 3/12/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda event –

Pase del Niño – The traditional Pase del Niño starts el lunes, 4/12 “en el” (in the – words to memorize) Museo de las Conceptas (Hermano Miguel 6-33 y Juan Jaramillo). <No, I’m not confused, nor did I mistype 24 into 4. The little guy does a lot of visiting before the big parade on the 24th. He goes to government offices and businesses, the military, churches, etc.>

Articles about –

CCE publishing – The CCE is selecting works to publish in 2018 and looking for authors over 16 years old in a variety of categories. The deadline is el 5/1/2018 a las 16:30. Go to the Facebook: Casa de la Cultura, Núcleo del Azuay for the submittal requirements. <If you can’t read those on your own, how do you intend to write anything submittable? Unless you’re going to submit photography.>

Música de Navidad – The Mayor’s Office and Department of Culture have organized music programs for diciembre. These include: martes, 12/12 at las 19:30 – Museo de la Catedral Vieja – “Sonidos de Navidad” with the Conservatorio Superior José María Rodríguez; 13/12 a las 20:00 – Catedral Vieja – Filarmónica Atenas & chorus and orchestra of the Adademia de Música Saula; 14/12 a las 19:00 – Concierto Navadeño with the chorus of the Conservatorio Nacional José María Rodriguez; 15/12 a las 20:00 – Choral concert organized by the U de Azuay; 18 & 19/12 a las 19:30 – OSC with special guests, the Coro Internacional; 20/12 a las 20:00 – “Noche de Paz” with the Coro Santa Catalina.

Danza – The 1 Festival de Danza Ninañán will be on 5 & 6/12 in the Teatro Sucre. Tickets available at Ecosonido (Benigno Malo entre Juan Jaramillo y calle Larga). Cost: $4.00. There will be 15 dance groups participating to show the dances of different towns each of which has its own character. On 7/12, the festival will close at PRAC <Bolívar y calle Larga> with live music. Free.

Cine francés – From the 5-15/12, the Alianza Francesa will be part of the world wide Festival de Film francés 2017. Over the 5 days, 10 films will be shown in their auditorium. Free.

Ad for Semana Brasil (Brazil Week) – miércoles, 6/12: Taller de Cocina (Cooking Workshop) – 15-17:00 – El Patio Comida Urbana (27 de Febrero y Solano) – register at; Samba class – 19-21:00 – El Patio Comida Urbana – register at – free caipiriña <After one or more of those you won’t care if you have two left feet and no sense of rhythm.>; jueves, 7/12: 19:00 – Mall del Río – Brazilian jiujitsu and personal defense show; sábado 9/12: Closing ceremonies – 10-16:00 – Plazoleta de Santo Domingo: 10-11:30 – Dance Workshop; 11-12:30 – Drawing contest; 12:30-13:30 – Bossa Nova concert; 13:40 – Joga Bonito (Free Style) contest; 14:30 – Capeoira; 15:00 – Samba.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Dos distribuidores para aliviar tráfico (Two interchanges to relieve traffic) – The city will start building two depressed interchanges along Avenida de las Americas. They will replace the current redondels at Pasaje Octavio Chacón next to the Industrial Park and at Turuhuayco and be similar to av. De Las Américas at Control Sur and where goes under Gran Colombia.

Electrical interconnection – The Secretaries of State of the Comunidad Andina (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú) met to boost electrical interconnections and to reduce cell phone roaming costs between the countries. They are working on international standards to protect users of electronic commerce and on security.

Robberies – Students from different high schools have complained about being robbed at the bus stop on av. Tres de Noviembre y Ramón Borrero. The last incident was on Wed. night when 4 students were threatened by a robber with a knife, and phones were taken. <If the robbers will take on 4 students, an old “rich” gringo shouldn’t feel too safe either.>

Neighborhood security – Alarms went off at 3:00, waking residents of Bellavista Alto y Bajo in Sayausí. 4 rustlers had taken a sheep and were in a blue Chevy DMax. In just a few minutes, the barrio brigade and neighbors blocked the exits from the area with logs and rocks, and the truck was stopped near the church. Whistles and shouts brought more neighbors and the detainees were taken to the sports court and the UPC arrived. This was a simulation to test the new community alarms and response time. <I think this was your sliver of life article.>

Internacional –

Argentina – The families of the 44 submariners who have been missing for 17 days are rejecting Pres. Macri’s plan to declare este domingo a national day of mourning. They’re asking authorities to stay on the search and rescue mission.

Descuentos y compras –

Four Points by Sheraton – Buffet Navideño – lunch or dinner – $22 plus tax per person – lunch or dinner – for info or reservations, call (07) 602 2000 or go to

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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