Pases de Niño parades, Cuenca air taxi service, Fire in Cayambe, Embroidered mural, Bribery reparations

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Jueves, 7/12/2017

Hola, Todos –

I will be on vacation next week starting on the 15th and getting back to the Periodicos on Jan. 2.

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Escultura – An exhibit of wood sculptures by Gabriel Cabrera opened hoy a las 19:00 in the Galería de Oficios at the CCE.

Articles about –

Embroidered mural – Chilean artist Loreto Bustos along with other women created a 5 meter embroidered mural in honor of the 100 anniversary of the birth of Violeta Parra. It will be on display until mañana in the Casa de los Murales (Simón Bolívar y Tarqui).

Book launch – “A flor de Piel” <Thanks to whoever wrote that this means to show your feelings easily. Similar to “reading you like a book” or “wearing your heart on your sleeve?”> by Carmen Lucía Cordero was presented Thurs. en la Casa de la Provincia.

Bienal – The catalogue of the XIII Bienal, “Impermanencia: La mutación del arte en una socidad materialista,” (Impermanence: The mutation of art in a materialistic society) was presented hoy a las 19:30 at the Bienal’s office. The estimated attendance was 136,000. <Reading the catalogue sounds easier than hoofing it to all the exhibit sites.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Espaldarazo político a la consulta popular (Political accolades for referendum) – Quito mayor Mauricio Rodas gave his support to the upcoming referendum on 4/2/2018.

Pases del Niño – The Municipal Transit Department (DMT) has received over 100 applications to hold parades on public streets. At least 30 have been approved. <I bet to groups that have been parading for generations.> The DMT studies the feasibility of the proposed routes with an eye to avoiding obstruction of traffic before approving the application. The parades usually take place until Carnaval. Businesses that rent costumes and that decorate the “carros alegoricos” (floats) are getting busy. 84-year-old Luz González has been decorating cars for 30 years. <Retired early from something else and went into a new career? Kids grew up and left home? She must have a lot of energy.>

Reparations – The A.G. Carlos Baca has said he will pursue reparations from whomever is found responsible for the bribes, independently, regardless of the particular accusations.

Mercados – The Cantonal Council is drafting new rules for the mercados which will replace the “Administración de los Centros de Comercio Popular” (All Cognates All Yours) which has been in effect for 26 years. The new rules will cover new things like the itinerant platforms like Narancay, organic markets, and how to assign or award spaces in the markets. Current stall holders will not be affected.

Air taxi – A new air taxi service, ConectaAir, is offering executive flights in Ecuador with a brand new Cirrus, SR22 Turbo plane which seats 3 plus the pilot. It has applied to fly into Cuenca and believes that permits will be issued in febrero o marzo of 2018. The plane has a range of 1,049 nautical miles and can fly at 25,000′, and use short runways. For passenger comfort, there are leather seats, AC <Not something I’d think you’d need at 25,000′, but there is sitting on the runway to consider.>, satellite phone, and anti-ice. The service will be based in Guayaquil and its main routes will be to Cuenca, Manta and Quito. Other firms offering private flights in Ecuador include WestPacific, AeroRegional, Aeroinsa, and Aersayafi. <So for you well-heeled travelers, there is an option besides TAME, interprovincial buses, vans, private drivers, or your own car.>

Fire – A fire in the barrio Cayambe started about 8:40 Wed., and spread quickly. The fire was on land next to a parking lot and burned wood, tires and garbage, with smoke visible from various parts of the city. Adjacent buildings were not damaged.

Amenidades –

Show – The Tomebamba Rotary Club invites the public to a show by comedian Alfredo Campo on 6 & 7/12 a las 8:00 pm en el Teatro Pumapungo. Funds collected will support the social programs of the club.

Garage Sale – The volunteers of the “Buen Samaritano” Home are holding a garage sale el sábado, 9/12. There will be clothing, games and decorations at excellent prices.

Descuentos y compras –

RM – El Madrugon – sábado, 9/12 – 7:30-10:30 <my guess is PM since El Madrugon might be something like the US midnight sales> – up to 50% off throughout the store on selected merchandise, 20% off all clothing – restrictions apply.

IESS – A full page ad for the new 450 bed “Quito Sur” IESS Hospital which has 83,000 sq. m. in 5 – 10 story towers and employs 1,800 people.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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