Two airlines bid for Tame partnership; More ‘pedestrianization’ in El Centro; New anti-grafitti measures announced

May 8, 2017 | 0 comments

Tame Airlines’ new partner will be announced May 22, according to Christian González, Tame general manager. Two commercial airlines are bidding to be majority partners with the struggling government-owned carrier.

Citing confidentiality agreements, González refused to name the bidders but said both had well-established records as Latin America air carriers. Under the terms being offered by government, the partner would own up to 70% of the airline and would be responsible for general management.

“The intention of the partnership is to provide long-term financial security for Tame and improve profitability for both international and national routes,” said González.

More ‘pedestrianization’ for the historic district

Cuenca’s transportation office announced Friday new areas of the historic district that will be restricted to pedestrian use only along the tranvía route.

Pedestrians on the tram construction route. (El Tiempo)

Gran Colombia between Octavio Cordero and Miguel Heredia, as well as between Miguel Vélez and Colonel Tálbot, will allow no motor vehicles when the tram begins operation, as will Mariscal Lamar between Tarqui and Estévez de Toral, and between Brother Miguel and Mariano Cueva.

Officials also say that the one-lane traffic corridors currently in use on sections of Gran Colombia and Lamar will be closed when the train rolls.

City stepping up anti-grafitti efforts in El Centro

City officials are appealing to historic district property owners to keep the exteriors of their buildings free of graffiti. The effort is part of a campaign to rid historic properties of grafitti.

The city says it is asking owners to participate in a weekend program to clean and repaint walls defaced by graffiti. Several owners have contributed paint and cleaning materials for the project.

Pablo Barzallo, director of the historic preservation committee, said he will meet this week with Azuay Province Governor Augusta Muñoz to request anti-grafitti law enforcement assistance. “We will ask that the ECU-911 system use its video cameras to identify those who deface walls, and to notify police when they are seen.”

Thousands fill the cathedral to visit Virgin of Cisne

Large crowds gathered at the entrance of Cuenca’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception over the weekend, waiting to file past the statue of the Virgin of Cisne. The statute is in Cuenca until Wednesday, as part of the Archdiocese’s jubilee celebration.

Transit police were called in to direct traffic near the cathedral on Sunday due to the large crowds. Typically, streets near the cathedral are mostly empty on Sunday.

The statue traveled from her home church in Loja Province last week to participate in the celebration.


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