Wikileaks says it never posted content from the London Ecuadorian embassy

Oct 25, 2016 | 0 comments

Wikileaks tweeted Monday its statement detailing the status of founder Julian Assange and the organization. Wikileaks confirmed Ecuador’s decision to “not permit Mr. Assange to use the government of Ecuador’s internet connection.” The organization, however, added that Ecuador said it will “continue to protect Mr. Assange’s asylum rights.”

Julian Assange in London.

Julian Assange in London.

The statement, posted on Wikileaks’ official Twitter account, was released by what the organization called its “editorial board.” The statement also said that neither Assange nor the organization published any content from the jurisdiction of Ecuador. It further said it “does not engage in collaboration with states.”

The statement continued: “Wikileaks publishes its work from large data centers in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway. Most Wikileaks staff and lawyers reside in the EU or the US and have not been affected by the disruption of Mr. Assange’s communication links.”

An earlier tweet from Wikileaks’ account dated Oct. 23 stated that Assange was safe and “still in full command despite reduced communications with staff.”

The organization also published additional material from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails to campaign chairman John Podesta, but it said that Assange did not support either candidate.

Wikileaks did not comment on media reports that Ecuador has pressured Assange not to release “bombshell” information about the Clinton campaign that could change the outcome of the race. So far, according to Reuters, leaked documents have had minimal effect on the race.

Assange’s internet connection was severed last week by Ecuador because of interference with the upcoming U.S. presidential election. He has been staying in the Ecuadorian embassy in London ever since seeking refuge to avoid being tried for molestation allegations in Sweden in 2012.


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