Christmas gift and food fair, Benefit for abandoned pets, French films today and tomorrow, Exhibit of animal extinctions

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Martes, 3/12/2019

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Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Xilografías – There will be an exhibit of woodcuttings by Lanner Díaz opening mañana a las 19:00 in the Salon del Pueblo of the CCE. The artist has produced 4 series of woodcuttings including “Huellas extintas” (Extinct footprints) which represents 5 animals that have gone extinct in one decade. The series has images starting with an intense black, and fading to nothing as successive prints were made – as the animals themselves disappeared.

Cine Francés – The French film festival opened Tuesday at the Alianza Francesa (Tadeo Torres 1-92 y Solano). Wednesday’s films will be “Wine Calling”and “Todo lo que me ha quedado de la revolución.” (Everything I have left of the revolution) <is this crummy little red flag.> Thursday’s movies are “Historias de la llanura” y “La bella y la bella de Sophie Filliers.” (“Stories of the plain” and “The beauty and beauty of Sophie Filliers)

FAAN ‘Christmas Barking’ fundraiser will benefit abandoned dogs.

Book launch – Juan Valdano Morejón will present his book, “Despues de la batalla,” (After the battle) este miércoles a las 18:00 in Librimundi. The book contains 12 short stories.

Textile designs – Students in Textile and Industrial Design at UDA (Universidad de Azuay) are showing clothing and art in the galería Cézanne at the Alianza Francesa. One dress is made from vegetation and another from scraps of cloth. Inspiration was taken from Jean Paul Gaultier. <You ladies probably know who that was. You guys, probably not. Was that a sexist comment?>

Del cuerpo del periodico –

“Ladridos Navideños” (Christmas barking) – The Fundación Familia Amor Animal (Animal Love Family Foundation) will hold a fundraiser to benefit abandoned animals in Cuenca el próximo 8/12 in the hotel Oro Verde from 9-16:00. Activities will include costume contests, a stage show, garage sale, and free ear cleanings and deparasitations <I’m assuming the last two are for your pets, although I have heard of gringos who go into their doctors de vez en cuando (once in a while/ every so often) to get dewormed.> Apart from this event, FAAN welcomes donations throughout the year, especially of food and medicines for pets. To donate, call 099 868 1859.

Navitón Cuenca – The City is organizing a collection of bags of candy for children este domingo from 10:00 in the parque de La Libertad.

MercART diciembre 2019 – This fair will be on 6, 7, & 8/12 in the Mansión Vizcaya. There will be 100 exhibitors with products for the whole family, furnishings, decorative and seasonal items, and gastronomy. There will be child care for kids between 2 & 6. <Smart way to get the parents but keep the kids away from all those breakables.> Free.

Otras Cosas –

Titular – Municipio recupera inversiones (Municipality recovers investments) – The city is hoping to raise $11,003,760.43 to recover the costs of municipal investments such as parks including the 4 mega-parks; construction and remodeling of 4 Centros de Integración Comunitaria; a pedestrian overpass; and more. It will be paid by urban property owners in 4 installments over 4 years.

Bus line detour – The #25 bus will be detoured due to sewer work in the Santa María de El Vergel sector. There will also be intermittent road closures to traffic.

Landslide between Mall del Río and 12 de Octubre – The slide on la madrugada del domingo (wee hours of Sunday -your word for the day is madrugada) was caused by human activity. A technical team from EMOV (Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas) found small hand dug wells in the top of the slope. The unlined wells became a type of reservoir and eventually collapsed. During the clean up of the 1500 cubic meters of material, which will take all week, one traffic lane will be open. Part of the work includes soil removal and stabilization of the slope.

Miss Wheelchair Ecuador – Salomé Serrano represented Azuay in the Miss Wheelchair Ecuador contest at the hotel Oro Verde hoy. <A runway strut is not a prerequisite for beauty.>

Too many universities in Ecuador – Jan Feyen, an ex-professor from the U. Católica de Lovaina (Belgium), researched the situation of 11 Ecuadorian universities which were listed in the top 200 universities in Latin America. He found there were a number of problems and the quality of Ecuadorian universities was low. Factors affecting quality are policies and budgets. The country has 30 public institutions between universities and polytechnical schools which receive government funding. Europe funds fewer universities that are larger and of higher quality. Feyen said that the same money spent on 30 universities would be better spent on 10-15. The top ranked U. was San Francisco at #55. U. of Cuenca was in the 161-170 bracket.

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