Citing World Bank report, Correa says Ecuador is world leader in poverty reduction

Oct 20, 2016 | 9 comments

Ecuador President Rafael Correa said on Thursday that his country is a global leader in reducing the gap between rich and poor people.
President Rafeal Correa

President Rafeal Correa

Through his personal Twitter account, Correa wrote a series of messages in reference to a report issued by the World Bank on the topic.

“A study by the World Bank has just been released, called ‘Taking on Inequality ‘ showing Ecuador as top country in Latin America, in reducing the gap between rich and poor, and the second country, that has increased the income of the poorest people,’ reported Correa, adding an image with the list published by the institution.

About the publication of the result, he said, ‘Let’s see how much of the free and independent press publishes this.’

In his most recent comments, the President has highlighted the signs of economic recovery seen in this South American country, despite the problems experienced by the decline in the price of oil and damage from the earthquake in April this year.

Also, on several occasions he has said that Ecuador has became one of the more equitable countries in South America.

As Correa said, progress in poverty reduction and the economic stimulus are mainly due to the policies implemented in the nation and that the government has combatted the structural causes of these evils, such as incomplete education, inadequate employment, lack of access to basic services and not contributing to the pension system, as well as the housing shortage.

Credit: Prensa Latina,

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