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Government extends health emergency dates; Cuenca hospitals are prepared for more cases

President Lenin Moreno announced extentions to most restrictions intended to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus on Thursday morning.

The government extended the effective dates for several health emergency restrictions on Thursday. (El Comercio)

Noting the increase of Covid-19 cases and deaths, Moreno said it is time for all Ecuadorians to work together to control the disease. “This is no time to relax our efforts to fight this contagion. We see the numbers and know that they will get much worse,” he said.

The measures announced by Moreno include:

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• International air and land travel will remain suspended until April 30.
• Interprovincial air and land travel will remain suspended until April 30.
• Schools and universities will remain closed until April 30.
• Face-to-face business and public services will remain suspended until April 12.
• The prohibition of movement between provinces remains in effect.
• Mass public events, including concerts and sports events, are suspended through May.
• Local governments must continue to abide by all health emergency orders.
• The daily curfew remains in effect from 2 p.m. to 5 a.m.

In addition, the government said it is considering further restrictions on the use of private vehicles and may make an announcement at a later date. Also considered was applying a 24-hour weekend curfew but Interior Minister Maria Romo said that it is not currently necessary.

Cuenca hospitals prepared for virus patients
The administrator of Cuenca’s public Vicente Corral Moscoso Hospital said Thursday that it is prepared to receive more Covid-19 patients and that other facilities are available if needed. The hospital is currently treating 20 Covid-19 patients, according to director Ivan Faican and has 50 bed available.

“We are in good condition at this point in terms of capacity but know this can change quickly,” he said in an interview on Radio Tomebamba. “We have made arrangements with the Social Security hospital and several private hospitals to our handle non-virus patients and we have extra capacity at the athletic training center. All patients confirmed with the virus who need intensive care will be treated at Corral Moscoso.”

The number of confirmed cases in Cuenca increased to 99 Thursday morning, up from 93 on Wednesday. According to the health ministry, 84 of those cases are in Cuenca. Nationally, confirmed cases stood at 3,163 on Thursday, an increase of 405 from Wednesday. Fatalities from the virus stood at 120.

16 thoughts on “Government extends health emergency dates; Cuenca hospitals are prepared for more cases

    1. Apart from staying in house mostly, trying to create the conditions each day for my insulin levels to drop so that I may burn a little visceral fat, despite eating crap like KFC on ocassion. Of course the coronavirus may kill me before I reap the benefits.

  1. The ecovia is open in Quito, I wonder why buses aren’t running in Cuenca? Is it because the government thinks that you can work from home and walk to the mercados, wait in lines and get home at the same time???

  2. Serious question. Has anyone seen a legitimate defense of the 2PM curfew or the limitation of use of POVs? How do either of these policies act to “flatten the curve”?

    1. The authorities just don’t want to be bothered after 2PM. The 5AM time is a joke. No stores open till 7:30 or 8 AM. I live rural. Walking at 6 AM, I don’t see a soul, but they want me to wear a mask & gloves? Nope. Can’t breathe & my hands break out from any kind of gloves. Most natives I see aren’t using either. Here, out in the sticks, we don’t need such draconian restrictions. I don’t believe any of the garbage they’re telling us. They keep this up…..the dam is going to break. People need to make money & eat, & being cooped up is eating away at mental health.

  3. The 2pm curfew needs to be modified to accommodate rural folks who have limited time to get essentials that they can’t get at the local tienda.

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