Increase in IVA rejected, Symphony’s Easter concerts, Tram progress, Mayor’s annual report

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Miércoles, 28/3/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Exposición de arte religioso – There will be an exhibit of religious photos and sculptures opening Thursday a las 18:00 in the Mall del Río. It will run through 30/4. <Note that this exhibit contains the earliest known photos of the resurrection. It was a slow ass news team so they were too late for the crucificion.>

Exposición en Saladentro – The exhibit, “Expo Mujeres: Maternidad” (Expo – Women: Maternity) will open Wednesday a las 19:00 in the Saladentro which is on la bajada deTodos Santos (Avenida Paseo Tres de Noviembre). Free.

Muestra en la Sala Proceso – The exhibit, “La tecnología somos nosotros” (Technology is us) <Sorry, but technology isn’t me.> is at the Sala Proceso. The show is based on the premise that technology defines the human condition. <Whoo – what an idea – we evolved opposable thumbs so we’d be ready to type on a phone.>

Articles about –

Concierto – As a celebration of Semana Santa (Holy Week), the OSC and choruses of the Conservatorio Superior José María Rodríguez and Polifónico de la U. de Azuay will perform Wednesday and Thursday a las 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo. The program will include The Té Deum by Anton Bruckner and The Requiem by Gabriel Fauré.

Danza Tradicional en Pareja – There will be over a dozen dancers from Colombia, Perú, Bolivia who are specialists in pairs dancing in this Festival Internacional Tradiciones y Culturas del Mundo: Edición (primera) Danza en Pareja. There was a short presentation for the media Wednesday with shows for the public scheduled for Thursday y el sábado a las 19:00 in the Teatro Sucre. There will also be workshops taught by Ecuadorian and internacional dancers. Free.

Alianza Francesa – The Alianza signed an agreement with the Grupo Industrial Graiman to help the Alianza with its 2018 cultural programming and for a program of scholarships for 20 students of limited means to study French. Graiman has been helping the Alianza for several years. The Alianza has been in Cuenca for more than 50 years.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Liberación de periodistas se pide en vigilia (Release of journalists is requested in vigil) – See the miércoles CHL story.

Tranvía – One third of the 300 day contract period has elapsed. <One third of that would be 100 days if you’re that badly math challenged.> Jaime Guzmán, <constuction manager?> reported that as of 28/2, the project was 17% complete, and to date it’s probably about 24% complete. He reminded people that they had a slow start because they spent time reviewing the plans and engineering in detail before starting the physical work. <Good call.> In abril y mayo, there will be more work going on in Milchichig, the train car yard, Chola Cuencana, Plaza Cívica and the bridges over the Yanuncay and Tomebamba.

Livestock market – A contract has been signed for the studies and designs for a new livestock market in the Los Alamos sector in Cumbe parish near the vía Cuenca-La Jarota-Loja.

Broadcast rights to games – Gol TV, owned by Uruguayan Paco Casal, has the rights to broadcast the fútbol Championships.

Economic plan – The economic plan will be released on 2/4 but the idea of increasing the IVA from 12% to 15% has been discarded. Pablo Campana, the minister of Comercio Exterior, will be meeting with a group of 43 companies from 12 countries which are interested in various development projects. The Forum on Economics and Public Financing made recommendations including eliminating the tax burden and and correcting fiscal spending. <Sounds like up north – no taxes on business and cutting way back on government spending.> This would include the 5% exit tax on taking money out of the country.

Annual report – The Mayor made the annual report for 2017 yesterday in the Museo de la Ciudad. If you want the report, go to:

Water – Gualaceo, the Secretary of Water, and the water company signed an agreement for to conserve and preserve the Reserva Municipal San Francisco. The reserve has 20 km of river and 148 km. of both primary and secondary streams. With the agreement, 34.2 hectares of land will be purchased to add to the 60 hectares already owned.

Pagina intercultural – Today’s article is La Minga, una tradición colaborativa precolombina (La Minga, a pre-Columbian collaborative tradition). Mingas are a group work effort for a common good. <Like a barn raising only the whole community benefits and not just one farmer.> When a minga is called, people show, up to clear drainage ditches, clean up the school for the coming year, plant trees, etc. It promotes qualities such as leadership, because the people need to want the project; solidarity; companionship; working as a team; the act of sharing since a minga usually lasts a day and is hard work; the sense of collaboration; satisfaction for the public benefit since the project is something that will benefit all and improve everyone’s life; raised self-esteem; and love of the terruño (native land or terroir). <I think this is what US planners and social workers are trying to get to when they talk about community building. A hard road when the prevailing culture is “Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost.”> A minga is often or usually followed by a pampa mesa. <Which is a meal also communally cooked and eaten. Closest thing would be a potluck.>

Amenidades –

Bernabé – Cuencano designer Hugo Pesántez will open his new store el 12/4 a las 19:00 at Vargas Machuca 3-82 y Larga. The opening will feature a fashion parade with the Modelar agency. Generally he designs formal wear but this collection will include casual, but stylish clothes.

Internacional –

Russia – 112 Russian diplomats will be expelled by 21 western countries. Great Britain expelled 23 diplomats, followed by the US with 60, and another 33 from 16 EU countries. The US wanted to demonstrate an “inquebrantable solidaridad con el Reino Unido” (unwavering solidarity with the United Kingdom) and to impose consequences on Russia for their constant violations of international standards. <Now that’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.>

Londres – Alan Duncan, British secretary for Europe and the Americas, during a Parliamentary session, characterized Julian Assange as a “pequeño miserable gusano” (little miserable worm). He lamented that Assange was still living in the Ecuadorian Embassy, but thought it was just a matter of time before Assange is delivered to British justice.

Venezuela – Pres. Maduro ordered that Odebrecht’s unfinished projects be completed. He will look for the best contractors in the country. He also said that Odebrecht did the work with subcontractors so they could finish the work. <And how does he intend to pay for it or are Venezuelan subcontractors so badly off they “will work for food.”>

Descuentos y compras –

Guayaquil Sheraton – $89.00 plus taxes from 29/3-2/4 – double, 2 breakfast buffets, 20% off kids’ breakfasts, movie tickets, free parking, pool, gym, sauna, Turkish bath, unlimited internet –

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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