Jueves, 10/11/2016: Chinese prez to visit Ecuador, Choral auditions, Sister city, Migrants worry, Wildfires

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda event –chl jeanne logo

Misa y recital – At a mass celebrated by Archbishop Marcos Pérez this sabado at 9:00, the Museo de las Conceptas marks its 30th anniversary.  It will be followed by a recital on the pipe organ.

Articles about –

Coro (chorus) – A chorus of 35 adultos mayores (older adults), members of the Universidad del Adulto Mayor, has worked for 10 sábados to record a CD which was launched at a recital last night in the Salón de la Ciudad.  The chorus was formed a year ago with people who did not know how to sing, but levels of reading ability and whether the singer was a soprano, etc. were determined.  Since then, they have performed 30 times, with the most memorable performance for the Pope in Quito.

Conservatorio – El Coro Juvenil del Conservatorio Superior “José María Rodríguez” is opening auditions for singers interested in being part of the chorus.  It is looking for all voices from soprano to bass.  Auditions will be tomorrow and this coming lunes at 19:30 at Calle Larga 9-09 y Benigno Malo.  Women singers need to be between 15 and 35 years old, men between 17 and 35.  (I guess they don’t want a kid who starts out as a soprano and after a lot of unpredictability, ends up a bass.) Candidates must sing one song of any genre unaccompanied.

Festival del Pasillo – Two 12 year old Cuencanans are participating today in the XVII Festival del Pasillo in the Teatro Nacional of the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana which is producing the event.

Thursday’s offerings –

A book launch – “Rompiendo pardigmas” by Paul Carrasco (yes, the same one who is prefect of Azuay for those of you attentive enough to remember you’d seen that name before) – teatrina de la Casa de la Provincia.

“Cuenca en Cuentos performed by Teatro Barojo – sala “Alfonso Carrasco”

Videodanza Butoh 0.0 from Japan with dancers from 6 countries at El Sono .

“De abandonos, encierros y soledades” by the U. of Cuenca Dance Company – Alianza Francesa.

A colloquium about Ecuadorian poetry – República Sur

A talk on “Cómo vivir de la música y o morir en el entento” (How to live to the music or die trying – I’ve seen some of you gringos dancing, and it looks like that.) – Casa de Chaguarchimbana.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Migrantes, en incertidumbre (Migrants, in uncertainty) –
The Ecuadorian ex-ambassador to the US said that Ecuador needs to have a strategy to protect migrants in the US and maintain its exports to the US.  He also said much will depend on the new Secy of State and that deportation of 11 million people would be a barbarity.

Elections –
The first candidates to register for the 2017 elections were Gulllermo Lasso and Andrés Páez, Pres. and VP candidates for the Compromiso Ecuador collective.
Cynthia Viteri, a social cristiana, announced her running mate – Mauricio Pozo Crespo, an economist.

Pres. Xi Jinping – The Chinese President will be visiting Ecuador, Perú and Chile from 17-23/11.  He will start the tour in Ecuador (Probably wants to see where all the money they’ve loaned the country went.  This poor guy is going to be touring as many road projects, hydroelectric projects and refineries as can be stuffed into his schedule.)  Pres. Xi will be in Lima on the 19 & 20 for the Foro (Forum – you’d better be able to figure the rest out for yourselves – all cognates) de Cooperación Económica Asia-Pacífico.  This is his 3d tour of Latin America since he became president.  As one of the largest trading partners with Latin America, the bilateral commerce between the two is $500 billion, and Chinese investment in the region reached $250 billion in 10 years.   (So is Monroe turning over in his grave yet?)

Cuartel Cayambe – The two pieces of land which are currently part of a military installation and were donated by the Government to the City of Cuenca to cover tram costs will need $10 million of work done including a 22 meter wide and 1,500 meter long road with roundabouts and a connecting bridge.  Part of the land totaling 5.35 hectares will be left for green space and linear parks. Concurrent negotiations with the military and the Chambers of Production should be done by the end of the month.  There is interest from industrial tenants who want warehouse and parking space for large trucks.

Wildfires – Suspected causes of the wave of recent wild fires is people setting fires to attract rain or to clear land for agriculture. In order to control the latter, better land use regulations are needed.  In Cuenca, the Land Use Plans seek to avoid agricultural expansion into wood land, land with a more than a 50% slope, and areas of ecological value.

Sister city – Cuenca has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Suzhou, China to establish diplomatic and friendly relations that will benefit both cities.  (I think it’s a good match. Suzhou is known for its canals and old gardens and is a rich city and a tourist destination.)

Trade agreement – The trade agreement with the EU will be signed on 11/11 and take effect on 1/1/17.

International  – 

The back page headline – Donald Trump, un “aprendiz” en política llega a la Casa Blanca (Donald Trump, an “apprentice” in politics gets to the White House)  (Well that tells you where this Latin American newspaper stands on the US election results.)

Deportes –

2 runs – Both runs are this domingo at 9:00.  The first is the “Bolívar Armijos 8k” along the Ruta Recreativa from parque De La Madre to the Ciudadela de los Ingenieros Civiles.  Register on the Facebook page of “Cuenca Ciudad Deportiva.” The second run is the 6K Por la Educación which starts and ends at parque El Paraiso.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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