Jueves, 13/10/2016: Bus fare study, Ecuadorian Mangos headed to China

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural

Short periodico today, I have to get up at 4 am tomorrow.

Today’s agenda events – chl jeanne logo

“Carlitos de la Bicicleta” – Teatro Barojo performed Thurs. in the Casa de la Provincia.

El Festival Internacional de Danza – Thurs.’s show was at Teatro Sucre. Companies from Colombia, Perú and Ecuador were on the program.

“Sienta una silla y siéntese” (Feel a chair and sit) – was staged Thurs in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco Vintimilla” in the CCE.

Articles about –

Old men’s jail (As in the former jail for men rather than the jail for old men – I don’t want to confuse anyone and I’m not a grammarian.  Is a grammarian someone who eats their words?) – Artists from 5 countries have turned different rooms in the jail into exhibit spaces.  The exhibit opens Fri. at 18:30.

Charla – A series of talks, conferences and meetings runs from today to Sat. in the Museo de la Ciudad.  It’s about supporting and reinvigorating the art of narration and oral history that transmits intangible patrimony.  It’s also about fantasy, humor and horror and Harry Potter.

The Cultural Association of the South met Thurs.  The presidents of the CCE’s from Cañar, Azuay, Loja, Morona Santiago, Zamora Chinchipe and El Oro met to plan 2017.

Otras cosas –  
Titular – Obras del tranvia se reanudarán (Tranvía work will resume) – CCRC came to an agreement with the City that work will resume this coming Mon.  November 3 is when all of the intersections along Gran Colombia and La Mar as far as Juan Montalvo will be finished.  (Anybody out there gonna to start a Tranvía completion date pool?)

A group of “frentistas” (those fronting on a street – your word for the day and one you’ll probably read again.) have organized the “Expo Feria del Centro Historico” which will be at the new Portal Artesanal de Cuenca building (Bolívar y Huayna Cápac).  It started Thurs. and will run to Sat. with hours from 9-22:00.  60 merchants on Gran Colombia and La Mar are participating.

Bus fare – A multi-sectored commission formed 16 months ago has authorized EMOV to contract with the U of Cuenca to research that will determine “cuan factible es revisar la tarifa del transporte urbano” (how feasible is it to revise bus fares).

Peace process – The peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the guerrilla group ELN will be in Quito.  A Security minister reported they will be ready and are beefing up security along the northern border.  He said that in the future Ecuador will decrease its military presence there, but not in the short or medium term.  (So no short term peace bonus.)

“Latitud Cero, Destino Sur” – This gastronomic, touristic and academic event will be in Cuenca from 1-5/11.  There will be a cooking demonstration the best of Cuencano and Ecuadorian cooking, an organic market showing the diversity of local and national products, and talks.

Mes del Adulto Mayor  (Senior Citizens Month) – Activities include a Photo Exposition from 17-19/10 and a Health Fair on 20/10 in the parque San Sebastián.

Mangos – The first shipment of Ecuadorian mangos to China left on Wed. Phytosanitation protocols and agreements had to be completed before the shipment. (I hope they keep mangos here for domestic consumption.  Nothing more third world than a country whose people can’t afford or even find the things they produce and export.  Brits and Rolls-Royces don’t count – almost nobody affords one of those – only rich people and car lunatics.)

Deportes –
Atletismo de montaña – The 3d circuito de montaña Muyurinas will be run this Sun. at 9:00 in the Cabogana sector in San miguel de Putushi in the Sayausí Parish.  (You think a taxi driver could find it with that description and no further directions?) It’s an 8.5 km circuit and all runners will receive a 1/4 roast cuy and a glass of chicha de jora at the end.  (So how many of you who wanted to run chickened out to avoid the cuy?) Register at Honorato Vásquez 7-96 y Luis Cordero up to one hour before the event. Runners will meet in Cabogana at 9:00 and leave at 10:00.  Cost:  $6.00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana o Domingo –



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