Jueves, 14/4/2016: Cuenca mining projects, New hydro plant is on line, U.S. says Ecuador restricts free association, Curved tv’s

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Upcoming stuff –

Revista (magazine – your word for the day) – about El Cajas with previously unpublished fotos of the park is available today.  Cost: $3.00.  You can buy it with your El Mercurio.  (I know, I know – you don’t buy the paper.  You wait for me to read it for you.)chl jeanne logo

Exhibit – “Línea de Sombra: visiones de la ciudad” (Shadow line: visions of the city) opened today at 19:00 at MMAM (Sucre y Talbot) with 30 paintings and video art based on the corners of different parks in the City.  It will run to 27/5.

Concert  – a tribute to Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz is Fri. at 20:00 in the centro cultural Imay (El Oro y El Batán).  Cost $8.00.

Articles about –

CIDAP is selecting craftsmen for the Festival de Artesanías de América on 1-5/11.  213 artisans have been selected by 3 curators outside of CIDAP.

The Día del Teatro was celebrated Thurs. in the Teatro Barojo with several works.

“Madame Rivet. Entre el amor y la razón”, (Madame Rivet. Between love and reason) by Felipe Diaz Heredia was launched Thursday and will be available at the “Pedro Páramo” bookstore in the Casa de la Cultura.  It’s about Mercedes Andrade, who was pushed into a marriage of convenience at age 14, and ran away with Dr. Paul Rivet of the 2nd Geodesic Mission which visited Cuenca from 1901-1906. (Extremely scandalous behavior.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – 4 de 8 turbinas del Coca Codo ya generan 750 MW.  (4 of 8 turbines at Coca Codo are already generating 750 MW.) The project cost $2.2 billion, $600 million in fuel costs will be saved annually, and 7,000 people worked on the project.  (The foto shows a large space that looks more like an airport check-in area than anything else.)

U.S.  – says Ecuador as well as Bolivia y Nicaragua repress civil society and freedom of association with excessive bureaucracy. (What?  Do people here have to spend so much time dealing with bureaucracy that we don’t have time to spend doing more pleasant things?  What ever bureaucrat in the U.S. who wrote that obviously never had to pull a planning or building permit.)

Two nuclear safety stations – have been installed in the Galapagos to
monitor and prevent illegal nuclear testing in the Pacific and South America.

Mining in Cuenca – The Río Blanco and Loma Larga mines are in the territory of the canton and are supported by the federal gov’t and opposed by the Mayor whose position is that there should be no mining until studies being done by the Univs. of Cuenca and Azuay are complete and show that the water sources for Cuenca will not be affected.  The mines will be run by multinationals (and you know how much they’ll care about our drinking water – Flint water might look good once they start operating.).  According to an anti-mining activist, they don’t have an environmental license and overall, no social license which is the consent of the community.  (Plus, I think they’re in the Biosphere Preserve in the Cajas.)

Sub-subcontractors – on road projects are asking to be paid by the subcontractors to Sinohydro, a Chinese construction firm. (Third tier subcontractors live up shit creek no matter what country they’re in.)

Artefacto explosivo (explosive device) – One was thrown from a motorcyle at a building.  The device bounced against a wall and fell into the street and injured 4 people.  This occurred outside of the brothels in the Cayambe barrio, and police suspect it was an act of retaliation against groups operating in the “zona de tolerancia.” (I sure hope none of you got suckered into living in that neighborhood.  I hope even more that you aren’t in this zone because it’s where you’re earning your living.)

Curved TVs – were introduced by the Grupo Ortiz which will start manufacturing these models in Racar towards the end of this month.  The model introduced is 24″x55″.  (Is that big enough to impress your drinking buddies?)

Internacional – 

México – Legislators of the 8 parties in the Cámara de Diputados (Chamber of Deputies) express support for immigrants and to strongly denounce the discourse of hate issuing from a U.S. Republican presidential candidate.

Washington – The Washington Post wrote a harsh editorial about Pres. Maduro and that the situation in Venezuela calls for a “desesperada” (desparate?) political intervention in the country. (Sounds like the US is setting the stage for the Marines to take over the oil fields and refineries.)

Deportes – 

Miss & Mister Cuenca 2016 – will be this Sat, 16/4 in the teatro Casa de la Cultura. Registration starts at 08:00 with the finals starting at 18:00.

Discuentos y compras –

Decameron – 2 nights at Royal Decameron in Punta Centinela for $189 per person and at Punta Sal for $239 per person – includes ground transport leaving Cuenca at 9:00 and arriving at both resorts at 14:00.  Also includes food.  For departures on 21, 24, 26, 28/4.  Go to www.decameron.com.ec or their web sales site at ventasweb.ecuador@decameron.com.  (The ad has a lot of small print so buyer beware.  And no, I’m not going to translate that miniscule writing for you.  You don’t get service from a silver spoon here – you need to do some of your own work if you’re interested even if it’s no more than calling a travel agent.)

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