Larger taxis needed to handle luggage and ‘enormous gringos,’ coop says

Apr 25, 2018

The local taxi cooperative hopes that larger taxis will soon be cruising Cuenca streets.

The Cuenca taxi coop hopes they will soon be able to replace compact models with SUVs.

“We’re waiting for the National Transit Agency to give us approval to replace some of the current taxis, which are compacts, with SUVs capable of carrying larger loads,” says Bolivar Sucuzhañay, president of the Cooperative of Taxi Transports of Azuay.

Among the SUV models Sucuzhañay hopes to add are Chevrolet Gran Vitaras, Hyundai Cretas, Kia Sportages and Hyundai Tucsons. Under Ecuador transportation law, the National Transit Agency must approve car and truck models used by the country’s licensed taxi companies.

“The larger taxis would serve the airport, bus station and hotels, as well as El Centro,” Sucuzhañay says. “It is difficult for the smaller taxis to accommodate large amounts of luggage. Larger vehicles are also needed to carry the enormous gringos who have trouble fitting into the compact taxis.”

He added: “There is also the problem that the gringo gorditos put excessive wear and tear on vehicles.”

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