Lunes, 26/9/2016: Questions about IESS finances, Moreno’s health okay for campaign, Cuenca artist exhibits in Rome

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda event –chl jeanne logo

“Noche de Shungo” – This event will be on Sat, 1/10 from 11-23:00 in the Museo Pumapungo and will include dance, music, theater, art, painting, a Food Fair and DJs.  Free.

Articles about –

Mancomunidad Cultural (Cultural Association) – Cuenca will be the site of a meeting of the presidents of the Nucleos (Nuclei) of the Casas de Cultura in Zones 6 & 7 which include Azuay, Zamora, Loja, Morona Santiago, Cañar and el Oro.  The meeting will be on 15/10 from 10-16:00.

Musical comedy “Expatriados” – This revue about the experiences of retired North Americans living in Cuenca will be on 30/9, 1 & 2/10 in Fishbon del Sur (Mariscal Lamar 14-25 y Estévez de Toral).  The comedy is about Frank and Maureen, retirees from Ohio who confront “diferentes desafios” (different challenges – your words for the day, and something you have experienced here as well.) and triumph with help from a Cuencana family and other expats.  (Oh, why-o-why-o-why-o, Did I ever leave Ohio?)  For tickets, contact Laura Inks Bodine at  (Will tickets be sold in Spanish?)

Caminata de Arte 2016 (Art Walk 2016) – The Art Walk will be on 1 & 2/10 from 11-16:00.  The inaugural will be on 30/9 from 19-21:00 in the Galería de la Alcaldía (Borrero y Simón Bolívar) There are 55 participating locations in including cafes, galeries, and public and private institutions.  This year’s Art Walk will include dance, design, theater, music, history, jewelry, textiles, crafts, poetry, puppets and more as well as visual arts.

Fondos Concursables 2016 (2016 Competitive Funds) – The provincial Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio announced the opening of applications for these funds which are for art projects including festivals such as the large scale Escenarios del Mundo (Stages of the World); a festival for rural parishes where common folks can participate; and literary arts, theater arts and performances, music, plastic arts, etc. The competition is open to residents of Ecuador including foreigners who have lived in the country for more than 5 years.  Applications are open for between 12/9 to 7/10 on the website of the Ministerio de Cultura at:

Jorge Chalco – The exhibit, “El Paraíso de los Contrastes” (Paradise of Contrasts) by Cuencano artist Jorge Chalco was inaugurated at the Instituto Cervantes de Roma by the Ecuadorian ambassador in Italy.  The medium and large scale works of the plants and animals in the Amazon will be on display until 21/10.

Inauguración del Cuenca Club del Libro – There is a photo of the inaugural of the Cuenca Book Club with Dennise M.  (I will save the paper.)  (Lots of gringo activities in today’s page.  So does that mean we’re integrating well?)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – El Cuenca pierde y baja en la table (Cuenca loses and drops in the standings).  The team lost to Barcelona in a home game and dropped to 6th place.

Politics – The various parties are starting to announce their presidential and vicepresidential candidates.  The most likely candidate for the governing AP Party, former Vice President Lenin Moreno, has had his health questioned on social networks.  (Which seem to me like a lot of people talking about s**t they know nothing about.)  His brother said that his last check up showed him to be in fine health.  (I guess this tactic to “disqualify” someone is used in the US as well. Although we all know the moral and mental health of one of the candidates should have disqualified him long ago – maybe when he graduated from high school.)

Criticisms of IESS debt – IESS is finalizing an $80 million loan from a Spanish company, and seeking a second $60-80 million loan at 6% interest to finance hospitals in Quito, Machala, and Guayaquil.  The Director, Richard Espinoza, says that construction of new hospitals will reduce the reliance on private clinics.  Critics ask why the government doesn’t pay what it owes to IESS and that if the system is in such good shape, why outside loans are needed.

Bike lanes – Neighbors along 10 de Agosto are complaining about cars parking in the bike lanes which leads to less use by bikes.  They are asking for more control for the problem.  (Towing a few cars might discourage that illegal parking.)  The penalties for parking in bike lanes is 4,5 points off your license and a fine of 15% of the basic salary.

Intercultural – A pampa mesa was shared in the community of Zhiña.  It was served on a blue cloth, 20 meters long and 1 meter wide as a way to recognize Koya-Raymi, the Fiesta de la Luna (Moon Festival).  Usually the cloth is white.  The cloth was filled with mote, then white rice, yuca, potato, menestra and finally, pieces of chicken.  (In the US that would be carb loading before an athletic event.)  The women cooked, the men helped carry the huge pots and everyone shared the food.  (Sort of like the annual 4th of July meeting of the Waseca County Horse Thieves Detectives Association which was a town wide potluck.  Except there wasn’t a no-hands blueberry pie eating contest in Zhiña.)

Discuentos y compras –

Hyundai – bonuses up to $2,000 on Sonata Hybrids from $34,990, Tucsons from $38,990 and Santa Fe’s from $46,990.

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