Lunes, 29/5/2017: Electric plans, Beware the bees, Tuesday’s French movie, Peruvian tours, Concert, Art exhibit, Dance theater

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Photoshop Workshop – there will be a creative workshop about, Adobe Photoshop from 3-10/6 in CIDAP.  It is directed to communications students, journalists, and professionals in general.

Concierto – The Orquesta Sinfónica de la U. de Cuenca plays its 5th concert of the season Tues. at 20:00 in the teatro Sucre.  The program includes works by Chopin, Rossini and Mendelsohn.

Opening – A show of faculty work of the School of Arts at the U. of Azuay (UDA from now on) will open el próximo miércoles at 9:30 in the Museo Pumapungo.

Articles about –

“Brundibár” – The Conservatory Chorus and the Symphony will perform on 1 & 2/6 with 4 performances for students and 2 for the general public which will be at 20:00 all in the teatro Pumapungo.  The opera was written in 1938 by Hans Krása who died in Auschwitz.  The story is about 2 children who need to go out in the middle of the Holocaust to buy milk for their sick mother.  It premiered at an orphanage in Prague and then was presented again in 1945 in the Terezín (Theresianstadt) concentration camp where it was performed over 55 times.

In Cuenca, the opera is part of a campaign of “Voces blancas, no al bullying” (White voices, no to bullying) to raise students’ consciousness about discrimination that exists in the schools. <There needs to be similar consciousness raising about bullying on line – geared to adults and seniors.  Why do so many people appear to have been raised by starving crocodiles?>

Theater/dance – Dancers and actors from the Compañía de Danza Contemporánea will present “Los cuervos no se peinan” (Crows don’t comb their hair) two performances on 1/6. <Newbįes, take note that I use the day/month format which is more common here.  Remember this if you’re filling out a bank slip or writing a check.>  The first performance at 9:30 is directed at school children and the second at 19:30, to the general public.

Teatro – “La Inmortal”  <Take a guess – it’s probably 99% sure to be right.>  This play will show from 7-10/6 at 20:00 in the teatro Sucre.  It’s about Sara, an experimental actress who is on her deathbed and remembering milestones in her life.  <Is anyone out there interested in theater performance items?  Or is everyone thinking “Theater – Spanish – skip.”>

Student writing contest – is over.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Bajo vigilancia reabre paso por El Descanso (Passage through El Descanso reopened with surveillance) – The road through Tahual to the eastern cantons was reopened yesterday to light and heavy traffic in both directions with highway personnel in the area of the falling rock.  Even before the rockslide, a geological and geotechnical survey had been approved.  Gualaceans would like former Pres. Correa’s promise of a 4 lane road to Gualaceo fulfilled.  MTOP said the studies for the new road are done and they are finalizing the plans after which they will analyze the complementary work.  <I hope the geological survey is done in time to incorporate those findings into the final road design.  Otherwise, why bother even building 4 lanes – just more to clean up when the next rockslide occurs.>

Bees – Because of Cuenca’s flowers and eucalyptus, there are also lots of bees, some of which make their hives in inconvenient <from a human’s viewpoint> locations such as roofs and planting near houses, schools, etc.  Do not try to eliminate them yourself with fire, smoke, water or sticks.  <UTube is probably full of examples of why not.>  If you find a hive in a risky location, call the bomberos (fire department) or a beekeeper such as Eloy Cedillo at 099 346 2416.

Interview – José Medardo Cadena, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy was interviewed.  As to the state of electricity, he said the large projects are finished, more than a million families have been connected, loss of energy has been reduced, and the challenge now, is to bring electricity to the last 3% of families in Ecuador, mostly in the Amazon and a part of Esmeraldas and of Chimborazo.  Ecuador is a country with energy sovereignty and also an exporter.  Awarding the concession for the Sopladora hydroelectric plant is not a priority until the economy improves. Electrical subsidies for induction ranges will be maintained, possibly until 2019.

Summer vacation – Classes in the Sierra will end at the end of junio, and different organizations and academies are planning their summer camps and programs.  <If you’ve got a kid with a particular interest, let me know in the remarks section and I’ll try to remember to keep an eye out for those programs as they’re announced.>

Peruvian tourism – There will be a stage show and culinary demonstrations to promote Peru this sábado y domingo in the food court at the Mall del Río.  It will present chef Michael Wagner who will make a Peruvian ceviche and more.

Public drinking – From el pasado jueves to last domingo, 34 people were sanctioned for drinking in public.  <Are people allowed to drink at outdoor tables like at Goza?>

Economy page – The article is about the sanctions and fines for non-compliance with labor obligations.  It seems to apply to businesses.

Robes – 42 robes that dressed the Virgen de al Nube in her processions from 1/1 to 31/5 are on display until martes from 9-17:00 in the Comunidad Franciscana de Azogues in Azogues.  The oldest are 50 years old, others are new and all are lacy and embroidered.  There is also a photo exhibit and the images of the Virgen.

Amenidades –

Cine francés – Tues. movie at the Alianza Francesa de Cuenca will be Dans la Cour. It will show at 19:00

Discuentos y compras –

Tía – Tax free days – 30 & 31/5 – You don’t pay IVA.

La Época – decor and imports – zebra curtains: $29, granite countertops: $58, laminate flooring: $10.50 <I think these prices are per square meter – not complete granite for your 800 sf. luxury kitchen> – Hurtado de Mendoza y Llanganitis – 408 4257 or 099 319 3566.

<Looks like car shopping season has started.  Following are some choices.>

Chery – 2018 Practivan Carry – 11 passenger van – $14,990 incl. IVA – av. España 8-31 y Barcelona – )07) 280 3861 or 286 3035.

Hyundai – New HD45-2.7 Ton box truck – $28,990 – 2,670 kg. cargo capacity – price doesn’t include the furgón (the box?) or satellite gizmo.

Kia – Sportage Active: from $26,990, Rio R light: from $17,990, Cerato Forte from $21,990, Sportage R from $29,590 – from 29-31/5.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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