Lunes, 31/10/2016: Forest fires burn near Cuenca, Holiday events

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Hola, Todos – 

Sorry for the non-issue yesterday.  By the time I looked at my email and realized MailChimp had erased everything I wrote, I was too tired to spend another two hours retranslating everything.chl jeanne logo

Pagina cultural

Today’s (Mon.) agenda events –

Ferias – 2 fairs opened Mon.: Feria de artesanías y artes Casa de la Mujer from 8-20:00 in  San Blas and “Expoferia promocional de artesanías” from 8:30-20:00 in the plazoleta Santa Ana (La Mar y Benigno Malo)

Project – The “Ciudades Sostenibles” (Sustainable Cities) project was presented Mon.

Fiestas de Cuenca, agenda de los principales eventos –
Martes – 1/10 (Since they were in yesterday’s non-issue)

Festival de la Colada Morada – Av. Gonzalez Suárez – 10:00
Festival de Musica Latinoamericana – Plazoleta de Santo Domingo – 15:00

Muestra Fotografica (Photo exhibit) – Museo de la Ciudad – 19:00
Fiesta I LOVE 80s & 90s Estancia Rosario – 20:00

Miércoles, 2/10 – 
Festival Internacional Gastonomico Latitud Cero Destino Sur – Puente Roto – 10:00
Feria cultural y gastronómica Chola Cuencana – Parque de Miraflores  todo el día
Encendido de luces en los parques e iglesias tradicionales de Cuenca – 19:00 (Turning on lights in parks and traditional churches of Cuenca)
Desfile estudiantil (Student Parade) – Parque de San Blas along calle Simón Bolívar – 10:00
Festival Gastronomico Cuencano – Parque El Paraiso – 12:00 (Just in time for lunch – time)
Festival de Artesanias de America – in CIDAP – 19:00
Festival de cumbia, salsa y merengue – av. Remigio Crespo y av. Solano – 20:00
Concierto Internacional Chino y Nacho – Estadio Alejandro Serrano – 21:00)  (I’m guessing since Chino and Nacho are going to be at the stadium and traffic will be blocked and horrible anyway – why not have the dance party in the same area?)

Articles about –

CIDAP – 84  national and 20 international artisans have been selected to participate in the 14th Festival of American Crafts. The festival will open on miércoles at 18:30. Many of the exhibitors are UNESC Prize winners.  There will also be a special pavilion, “Pueblos Originarios,” (Original Peoples) dedicated to the “Chachis” in Esmeraldas and the “Tsáchilas” in Santo Domingo. A prize, la Medalla a la Excelencia CIDAP in two categories will be given for a unique piece, created by the exhibitor, and never shown.  The winner of the “Tradición” category for national artisans will be People’s Choice (So vote early and vote often – consider it practice for the Nov. elections where there’s supposed to be a lot of voter fraud going on.) and “Innovación” for international artisans will be awarded by a jury.

“Increíble India” will be the museum exhibit shown during the Fiestas with art in wood, textiles and more, gastronomy and music.

“Día de los Muertos” – This fair has been organized by the museo Manuel Augustín Landívar (Calle Larga y de los Molinos – downhill from the Todos Santos Church) and “La Warmi” Restaurant.  The activities are below:

martes, 10-17:00 and miércoles  – “Feria Tacalshapa de Saberes Ancestrales” (Tacalshapa Ancestral Knowledge Fair) – colada morada y guaguas de pan, food, limpias energéticas (energizing cleanings? – better than caffeine?), medicinal plants, crafts and ceramics –  museo “Manuel Agustín Landívar”

martes – 19:00 – Museo de las Culturas (calle Larga y Mariano Cueva) – exhibit, “Rituales funerarios”

martes – 20:00 & 20:45 and 21:15 – a mass, a seranade to your loved ones, and the unveiling of a commemorative mural – cemetery

miércoles – in the cemetery next to the monument to migrants – a mass at 10:30, a theatrical work “Cataviento dibujando” (Telltale drawing) at 11:45, and another mass at 15:00 in the sector for personajes ilustres (illustrious people – your word for the day, to go along with a little bit of sociology.  Seems as if there’s a VIP section even after death.  Who says you can’t take it with you? Just ask any pharoah.)

jueves – ancestral knowledge festival – Museo Landívar

Escudo Nacional – National Coat of Arms/Shield Day is today (Halloween – now are you going to forget this holiday?).  In 2003, the Ministry of Education declared the day and in 2007 Pres. Correa reaffirmed it with the additional prohibition of celebrations in the public sector of “Día de las Brujas” (Witch’s Day – Halloween?  No cows or milkmaids or witches or Michael Jacksons if you have to go to city hall or the county.)

Band – The Guardia Ciudadana Band (Municipal Police) played Sat. night and presented a CD.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – En cementerios, las flores y rezos evocan a difuntos (At cemeteries, flowers and prayers evoke the dead)

Forest fires – There are large fires burning in 3 cantons of Azuay – Cuenca, Girón y Ponce Enríquez.

Ecoparque – The Ecoparque Chaullayacu, and industrial park, will be opened on miércoles at 10:30.

Ad – 2nd Feria Tierra Azuaya – 2, 3, & 4/11 – 11-21:00 – Hostería Caballo Campana – food festival, equestrian show, classic car show, best products of Azuay show, tourist show, dairy products and bailoterapia (to work off the food festival).

Amenidades –

Circo las Vegas – The circus will perform in the coliseo de Totoracocha from today to 9/11.  The shows last 2 hours and on M-F are at 18:30, Sat. & Sun. there are two shows at 16:30 and at 18:30.  (What do you want to be that 18:30 show won’t start until at least 19:30 – unless they chase the early crowd out at 18:00.)

Discuentos y compras –

RM – clothing – 15% off everything in the store, except already marked off items – 2-4/11.  (And if you have to ask where one is, you probably don’t want to go shopping anyway.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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