Martes, 21/6/2016 Tree limb smashes cars, Tram construction error, Orchid open house in Gualaceo, Sacred Indian music concert

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Hola, Todos –

I was proofreading the whole translation and I erased the whole dang thing.  So this reconstruction will be a lot more abbreviated. At least I’ve already read the articles to be translated.chl jeanne logo

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming events –

El Observer Magazine – The 93d edition for June-July is in circulation with articles about the Panama Papers, the events in Brazil and the effect of the construction projects on Cuenca.

Tinta Tinto – This academic conference will be on 29 & 30/6 on the topics of communication, marketing and creativity.

Finished events –

Teatro – The UDA performed a comedy call “Sueño de una noche de carnaval” based on a Midsummer’s Night Dream this morning.

Book launch – A cookbook about the food of Tungurahua province was launched at 17:00 in the “La Warmi” on Hermano Miguel.

Articles about –

Sculptures – A show by Yanira Rodríguez will open on Thu. at 19:00 in the Casa de las Posadas.

Department of Arts – The U of Cuenca Art Department is looking for exhibit space for its students in the majors of visual arts, theater and dance, music and design.  (So do any of you landlords have a large space for a good cause?)

Exhibición – A show called “Paisajes: un estudio de la luz” (Landscapes: a study of light) by Francisco Delgado will open tomorrow at 18:30 in the Museo Catedral Vieja.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Nuevo arzobispo de Cuenca seguirá línea de antecesores (The new archbishop of Cuenca will follow in the lines of his predecesors)

Tranvía – Gran Colombia between Padre Aguirre and Benigno Malo is being torn up to correct construction errors. Officials say there will be no additional cost since the contractor has to pay for the corrections and that this will not delay the project.  (No?)  The next 3 intersections to be opened should be ready on 26/6.  These are Vargas Machuca, Mariano Cueva and Pres. Borrero.

Reactivación económica – (all cognates, all yours) There will be a fair this Sat. in parque De La Madre.  It’s being organized by the businesses fronting the work who will bring merchandise for sale.  90 merchants have signed up.

Casa abierta (I translated that for you recently – this is a test) – Ecuagenera (orchid grower) is having an open house from 23-26/6 from 9-18:00.  They are located at km 2, vía a Gualaceo.  There will be contest for prettiest orchid and the one with the most flowers – anyone can enter.  The prize is a $300 órdenes de compra (gift certificate? store credit?)  There will be 30 technicians to answer your questions.

3 cars squashed – a large branch of an árbol de Grevillea fell onto 3 cars near the Vincente Corral Moscoso Hospital.  Two cars were parked but the occupants of the moving car were unhurt.

Animal protection ordinance – a group of council members will present an alternate draft of the ordinance. They want to define the protected animals as domestic companion animals which would exclude animals used in cock and bull fighting.

Divorces are up – Between 2005 and 2015, the number of divorces went up 119.1% from 11,725 to 25,692.  In the same period, marriages fell from 60,636 to 66,612. That small a fall is more like unchanged.)  The average age of marriage is 32 for men and 29 for women with December being the favorite wedding month.  The average age for divorce is 42 for men and 39 for women.  (This was your sliver of life article for the day.)

Amenidades –

Russill Paúl – This master of music and “Mantra Yoga” and classic sacred music of India will be in Cuenca to give a concert and hold a workshop.  The concert will be on Fri, 8/7 and the workshop on 9&10/7.  The event has the support of the Escuela “Valores Divinos” (Divine Values – your words for the day) and the Mayor’s office. Register for the workshop at or call 099 853 4478 or go to Facebook: Russill Paul Ecuador.  (So what language is this going to be in?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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