Martes, 23/8/2016: Complaints about airport bus service, World theater festival, Mayor says he’ll find more money for tram

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Pagina Cultura –

Upcoming agenda ítems –chl jeanne logo

Teatro en el Sono – The play “El Loco” will be on Wed. At 20:00 in the teatro de bolsillo del Sono (Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova.

Tuesday’s events –

Meeting – Directors of the Fundación Stiehle from Germany met with Mayor Cabrera Tues.  Juan Bautista Stiehle was the designer of the Catedral Nueva.

“Crónicas” – This film was shown Tues. in the Teatro Casa de la Cultura as part of the retrospective to Sebastián Cordero.

Articles about –

Festival de Teatro Escenarios del Mundo (Stages of the World Theater Festival) – The 10th year of this festival will include international groups from 8 countries in addition to Ecuador.  Portugal will stage a comic versión of “Edipo Rey” (Oedipus Rex? – Google translate is unavailable along with the power), “Amarillo” is a multi-disciplinary performance with reflections about immigration and including plastic arts, video, painting, dance, and song from Mexico.  The festival will be from 12-25/10 and held in the Pumapungo, Sucre, Casa de la Cultura and sala “Alfonso Carrasco” theaters.  There will also be events in the De La Madre, Totoracocha, and Calderón Parks.

“rr” – Julio Cesar Delgado, a historian, researched the origins of the “rr.”  He found that in texts dating back 400 years or more, a “rasgo” (stroke of the pen) or decoration was added to the letter “r.”

Jorge Barreto – This Venezuelan ceramicist is showing at CIDAP.  His ceramics are utilitarian with a special opaque shadings and geometrical designs.  (I bet a lot of you would be happy to set your tables with his pieces.)

Encuestas – CCE is surveying artists and other cultural entities and has received 200 responses.  The survey asks what their work is, how long they’ve been working, what other work they do (like day jobs?), where they work, and more.  (So have any of you gringo artists responded to the survey – or do you only speak with your work and not in Spanish?)

Red nacional (national network – your words for the day and I’ll leave it to you to figure out which word means network and which means national) – An initiative by Asoescena from Quito is seeking to develop a network of scenic artists.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Tramo de la Girón-Pasaje sigue pésimo (Stretch of (the road) Girón-Pasaje continues to be awful) – The restart of the maintenance work was announced a few weeks ago conditioned on the arrival of Chinese credit, which still isn’t definite.  Meanwhile, there are lots of potholes, many of which are growing.

Plan de contingencia – The contingency plan for transport between the Cuenca airport and Guayaquil and Quito is getting complaints.  One passenger who arrived at the Cuenca airport was told that the hours of departure depended on demand.  Others got out of Cuenca, but one traveler couldn’t find the pick-up location in Guayaquil and had to hire a taxi to get back to Cuenca and the other couldn’t find a location in Quito selling return tickets and had to rent a car to drive back to Cuenca.  The operators of ATRAIN (Alianza del Transporte Interprovincial del Austro  composed of Turismo Oriental, Super Taxi Cuenca, San Luis Sucre Express and Super Semería) acknowledged they had a problem and are planning on opening ticket booths for the return trips.  They started with 20 buses and will add 20 more.  They will only carry 20 passengers in a 40 passenger bus to allow for luggage.  There used to be 800 passengers who used the Cuenca airport each day.

Power outage – La Empresa Eléctrica Rional Centro Sur announced a power outage in the following sectors – Padua y Unidad Nacional, 1 de Mayo y Carmela Malo, Colombia y Guatamala, Chiquintad, Santa Teresita, De la Conquista y La Rábida, and Jacinto Flore y av. 10 de Agosto.  (If you’re a ratepayer, they send a message to your phone a day or two ahead.  If you don’t read Spanish you probably ignored the message and got surprised when the coffee maker didn’t work this morning.  Anyway, it’s a moot point since the power just came back on.)

Fibra óptica – ETAPA is offering about 7,200 clients internet service with GPON (Gigabit Capable passive optical Network in English) technology. The service will be available in El Centro, El Ejido, Machángara, Narancay and along av. Ordoñez Lasso.  (I know – it’s all the gringos that are demanding and causing this improvement – nothing to do with the fact that the street was torn up and utilities being improved anyway.)  ETAPA’s plan is to have the capacity to provide GPON to 50-60,000 subscribers.  Currently it has about 70,000 subscribers to conventional internet.

Rutas turísticas – The Municipal Tourism Foundation has links on its website,, for tourist routes in different areas and interests.  For crafts, it lists workshops for pottery, ceramics, tin and more.  For the more active tourist the list includes the Parque Nacional Cajas and other forests.

Tranvía – The Tranvía is looking for alternatives to cover the $35 million cost overruns.  Ecuador’s finance minister suggested that the city transfer money from a loan earmarked for infrastructure improvements in poor neighborhoods but the mayor says the loan requirements don’t permit it. He says he will find the extra funding through other channels. He also said that the short-fall will not affect work through the end of the year.

IVA refunds – Between May and August there were 7.074 IVA refunds totaling about $13,800 through the electronic payment system.  (I think this is where you can get a part of the recent IVA increase back if you pay with electronic money or cards, but you have to have an electronic money account.  That’s the price you have to pay if you’re one of those gringos out to squeeze every last cent out of the government – anybody’s government.)

Amenidades –

Benefit show – Paulina Aguirre, the only Ecuadorian winner in the Latin Grammy Awards of 2009, will give a benefit concert for earthquake victims on Fri, 26/8 at 19:00 in the Convention Center at the Mall del Rio.  Tickets to this show of Christian music are available at the Centro de Literatura Cristiana (Bolívar between Tarqui y Juan Montalvo) and “Almacenes la Victoria” in El Centro, Monay Shoping and the Estadio sector.  Cost: $10, $12 and $15.

And that’s it for today so Hasta Mañana –



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