Martes, 25/10/2016: Airport gets clean bill of health, Correa pushes tax haven referendum, Mining discussion

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Libros – 3 new history books by Juan Cordero Iñiguez about Cuenca about the XVII and XVIII centuries, the government from 1777-1809, and the Independence Process from 1809-1822 will be presented today at 19:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad.

Mural – The mural “El jardín de las mujeres” (The women’s garden or the Garden of Women (which sounds like the paradise that Islamic fighters go to)) will be unveiled today at 19:00 in the Prefectura el Azuay.

Cine – “Un lugar en la tierra” (A place on earth) by Fabienne Godet will be shown today at 19:00 in the auditorium in the Alianza Francesa.

Concierto – “Lo Sagrado y lo maldito” (The sacred and the damned) by Draco Rosa will be tonight at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Tickets available at Ticketshow and Musicalísimo.

Articles about –

Semana de Corea (Korean Week) – The opening event for Korean Week is a show tonight at the Teatro Pumapungo that combines gastronomy and dance.  The show was developed in 2009 when the Korean first lady wanted to introduce Korean cuisine to the world and has become a tourist attraction in itself. The show features beat box – a fusion of music, dance, choreography and gastronomy with special sounds created with the mouth only.  Thu. at 15:00 will be a movie, “Un día duro” for adults in the ex Escuela Central.  At 18:00 there will be a seminar on Business and Economic Cooperation between Ecuador and Korea in the Cámara de Comercio (Chamber of Commerce).  Saturday will close the week with events from 11:30-16:00 in the new PRAC (Bolíar y Huayna Càpac) including gastronomy, a tradional wedding, and a K-pop contest.  (Is that like what Psy (sp?) does?)

Exhibición – Three artists are opening the show, “Cotillear de las artes” (Art dialogue) tonight at 19:00 in the galería de Hernán Illesas (José Alvear 1-91 y Solano).  The exhibit has work from Hernán Illescas, Pablo Caviedes and Jorge España and will run until 27/11.

Bienal – The Bienal is generating teaching and educational materials for working with teachers.  25 teachers will be selected to participate in training.

Mining – CCE will have a “conversatorio” (discussion? conference?) Tues. at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE on “Los riesgos de la minería en el Cajas: mito o amenaza?” (The risks of mining in the Cajas: myth or threat?) (Just ask yourself how much you like having excellent water out of the tap and what risks would you take with that blessing?)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Reafirman que no darán dinero extra (No extra money reaffirmed)

Vaccinations – An immunization campaign by the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) to vaccinate children under 2 has started and will run until 30/11.

Elections – Andrés Páez, a tenacious opponent of the government will support Guillermo Lasso of the CREA party and Rodrigo Paz, an ex-mayor of Quito, will support Cynthia Viteri of Unidad.  (This is so that the names will become familiar to you so you won’t go thinking that Lasso is a street and Viteri is Ferrari’s new model.)

Peace talks – Peace talks between the Colombian government and ELN (Ejército de Liberación National – National Liberation Army) will take place in the “Capilla del Hombre” (Chapel of Man) in Quito starting on jueves, 27/10.  The guarantor countries for the process selected by the parties are Venezuela and Norway.  Chile, Cuba and Brasil will also be involved.  Once peace is achieved, it will put an end to the last armed conflict in this hemisphere.  (Unless the US, for whatever reason, feels the need to fill the void be sending “advisors” to somewhere in Latin America – I don’t see it invading Canada though.)

Referendum – Pres. Correa has presented a referendum to the Constitutional Court that would prohibit elected and unelected officials of the government to hold assets in tax havens.  He sees no reason the proposal should not be approved.  He also said that his government is “el unico” (the only one) that has approved various laws to fight corruption.  (Too bad he can’t bring that crusade into the US Legislature. Without the corrupt, bought off by someone legislators, we’d probably have about 25 left sitting.  Or am I overestimating the integrity of those who represent us?)

Feria de adultos mayores (Senior citizens fair) – This sábado from 9:00 in the parque De La Madre will be a fair called “Encuentro del Saber” (Meeting of Knowledge). There will be a tent called Cocina del Abuelo (Grandfather’s Kitchen – it should be Abuela since I doubt that Abuelo ever figured out how to use a pancake turner or sifter.) serving comida típica.  Another tent will have ancestral medicine with seniors showing how to prepare homemade remedies.  25% of the population of the region is adultas mayores and it’s increasing.

Play Land and Discovery – The two midway businesses are still looking for a site to set up in during the fiestas de Independencia de Cuenca.  Play Land has a tentative site, currently being reviewed by the City.  Discovery is still looking.

Airport – A technical inspection was done yesterday by DAC (Civil Aviation Department) and confirmed that the runway is in normal condition for landings and takeoffs.  (Thank heave they didn’t find that it was too slippery for safety.)

Shelter – The city will open Casa Violeta, a shelter for abused teens this jueves. According to statistics from the City, 68.6% of women in Cuenca are victims of some sort of mistreatment. (I rechecked and the article does say “are” and not “were” or “have been”.)  The shelter has space for 8 girls between 12 and 17 years and 11 months including any children the teens might bring.

Ruta turistica – A new Tourist Route will be presented Wed. at 10:00 in the offices of the Tourism Foundation (Bolívar 8-44 entre Luis Cordero y Benigno Malo).  The “Ruta de los Molinos y Pan” (Route of the Mills and Bread) will include museums and crafts. (And maybe a sandwich?)

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