Mayor Cabrera in Quito: Government reaffirms funding support to finish tram

Sep 22, 2017 | 1 comment

Cuenca Mayor Marcelo Cabrera reported Thursday that the federal government is still on-board to assist with funding for Cuenca’s tranvía. His comments came after he met with Ecuador Finance Minister Carlos de la Torre.

Negotiations continue for tranvía funding.

In addition, de la Torre said the government will participate in negotiations with electric companies Elecaustro and Centrosur to make arrangements to power the electric train system

During Thursday’s meeting, Caberea, de la Torre and other city and federal officials discussed the payment schedule for the final $21 million the city of Cuenca needs to complete the tram project. On Monday, the mayor announced that he had chosen the French ACTN Cuenca Tranvía Consortium to complete tram construction. He said the $43.8 million project contract will be signed in October with ACTN having 10 months to complete the work.

Cabrera also announced the city plans to ask the French government to extend the payment term on its loan for the tram project.