Miércoles, 18/5/2016: Cuenca looks to new water sources, Road work, Symphony

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming events –

Concierto – the OSC will perform this Fri. at 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo for the Día Internacional de los Museos, directed by Patricio Mora and withchl jeanne logo guest singer Umberto Ballone.  (As a non-Italian speaker, I’d pronounce that baloney. I’m sure I’m wrong.)

Exposición – The Alianza Francesa is having an exhibit about the Misión Geodésica (Geodesic Mission) until Fri. in the galería Paúl Cezane (Tadeo Torres 1-92 y Solano).

Ongoing or finished events –

Inauguaran exposición (Exhibit opening) – “Exposiciones enredadas 2016” opened Wed. in the museo Pumapungo.  The fotos, paintings, art and documents are on the theme of social justice over the passage of time.

Articles about –

The High School Scenic Arts Festival continues today at the U of Azuay with 5 more schools performing theater or dance.

Rotofest 2016 – Rotofest Cuenca 2016 has new dates of 2-4/6 after being postponed because of the earthquake.  The music festival will open on Thu., 2/6 at 21:00 in the Sonora Club, admission $5.00.  The second day will be at the Space Club at 21:00. The last day, Sat., 4/6 will have a show in the explanada (concourse – your word for the day) of the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar stadium starting at 10:00.  (Don’t know if this explanada is inside or outside.)  The last day also includes the Feria del Vinyl where you can exchange vinyl or acetate records, picture disc (whatever that is) and other memorabilia.

International Museum Day – René Cardoso, director of the museo Remigio Crespo, said that there must be a bridge between museums and the life of citizens.  (One that answers the question, “What do all these moldy old things or high falutin things have to do with me?”)  Activities for the day include(d) information about the new Culture Law at 10:00, the Ruta de los Museos at 16:30 at MMAM, guided tours of the Casa de Tratados (Treaty House/Museum) in Girón, and conferences and guided tours of the Museo Casa María Astudillo starting at 10:00.

Otras cosas –  

Titular – Sigue deterioro de la Gualaceo-Limón (Gualaceo-Limón continues to deteriorate) A paving contract was announced in Mar. for the road that connects Azuay with Morona Santiago, but has yet to be signed.  The road is in bad shape – so many potholes that drivers are dodging around them and invading oncoming lanes, holes in paving that was done by a previous contractor, drainage ditches stopped up by landslides as well as uncleared mud on the roadway.  (So now you have problems getting out of Cuenca either by air or by road.)

Drinking water – According to ETAPA estimates, by 2050, Cuenca’s rivers will be insufficient to provide drinking water to a projected urban population of 1,100,000 and a rural population of 300,000. ETAPA is working on a master plan to bring enough water to the city.  They are looking at other river systems such as the Santa Barbara and Negro Rivers which would involve piping water 60-90 km and pumping it uphill 2,000 meters; creating reservoirs in the Cajas with dams; and using the río Moya for serving some of the southern rural parishes.

Schedule to deliver intersections – Intersections along Mariscal La Mar and Gran Colombia will be opened from east to west. Along Gran Colombia, Manuel Vega should open on 6/6 with subsequent openings heading west as far as Octavio Cordero on 13/11.  Along La Mar, Hermano Miguel should open on 17/7 and end at Octavio Cordero on 13/11. Go to www.elmercurio.com.ec to see the map on P. 8A.

International donations – After the earthquake, the UN called on the international community for $73 million to help victims, especially children.  So far it has only collected $11 million which it has used for food, health supplies and other aid. According to the humanitarian coordinator, there are 500,000 people who need food assistance; 1.2 million with limited access to medical care; 350,000 without water service; 100,000 children and teens who need psycho-social support; and 120,000 students who need safe spaces for schooling.

Internacional –

Brazil – The full Supreme Court of Brazil is analyzing a demand to open impeachment proceedings against interim President Michel Temer.  The grounds against Temer are the same as those leveled against Rousseff.  In 2015, Temer signed 4 decrees that modified the budget without the approval of the Congress.  (An example of “what go around, come around.”)

Discuentos –

Winery – Feria de Vinos (Wine Fair) – 18-21/5, 11-21:00 – av. Solano y Aurelio Aguilar – liquidation prices, event packages, gifts.  (I wonder if attendance will be like at concerts – mostly thirsty gringos.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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