Miércoles, 3/2/2016: Pre-paid bus cards pushed, New lighting for the cathedral, Latest Zika news, Carnival schedule, Trade talks

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Barrio Calavera – from Perú will be at the República Sur this Fri and 20:00. La Locro Banda will open. Cost: $8.00.chl jeanne logo

“Machuca,” – a film from Chile showed Wed. at 19:00 in the Zineclub at Lakomuna (Coronel Tálbot y Pres. Córdova).

Carnaval motivated interchange – of languages between English and Spanish speakers met Wed. at 18:30 in Coworking Cuenca (av. Ordöñez Lasso 5-10 y Laureles). The theme was “El Día de colmpadres y comadres.” Participants should bring something to share such as food, drink or something as an offering for the fiesta del Carnaval. (How many gringos are even familiar with this part of Carnaval? Wonder if there will be more Spanish speakers showing up with this article in the paper?)

Videogame tournament – El Club Smash Bros. Cuenca is organizing a new Smash Bros. tournament on Nintendo Wii U. this Sat. at 14:00 at Doce de Abril y Guayas. Cost $2.00.

Articles about –

The “fondos concursables” (competitive funds) offered by the Dirección Municipal de Cultura and el Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio for the arts. The total fund last year was $220,000 which was awarded to 16 projects out of 40 proposals.

A book of 60 photos from different countries was launched Wed. at 19:00 in the Museo Catedral Vieja. “Los Mundos de TITA” will be $20 at the launch and $25 after.

The Luit family which donated a replica of the Telégrafo I, the bi-plane Elia Luit flew for the first flight from Guayaquil to Cuenca on 7/11/1928. The family also donated other items to the Remigio Crespo Toral Museum.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Retoman los trabajos en la Ordóñez Lasso (Work on Ordóñez Lasso restarts)

Alternatives for “lecheros” (dairymen) – include forming their own cooperatives to defend their own interests and to sell without middlemen. (if you’re not interested in the diary industry, stop reading here.) The southern part of Ecuador processes 400,000 liters of milk daily, 350,000 by Lácteos San Antonio (Nutrileche) alone. Nutrileche and also Toni decided to quit buying milk from various producers forcing the farmers to dump, donate, or sell their milk for 20 cents a liter when the official price is 40 cents. The president of Ecuarunari said there’s a reason for the perceived milk overproduction – the import of powdered milk.

La Cámara de Transporte de Cuenca (The Transportation Chamber of Cuenca) – a group of 475 city buses (or rather 7 “operadoras” (operators – I think companies or businesses or coops) associated with those buses) is hoping that fares will be paid electronically with prepaid cards by May. (Might make it hard on tourists for a while. Maybe hotels and hostels will become sales points for the bus cards.) There are currently about 400 places to recharge your bus card, and disabled and elderly riders will be able to recharge their cards from home.

Your sliver of life article for today – is another article about jail. There are 24 prisoners who just took university exams in various majors such as law, hotelry and tourism, and business administration. They study a distancia (at distance, literally – on-line, in the vernacular.) at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL).

Ecuador and Honduras – are in trade talks ending tomorrow. Ecuador has also talked to, is talking to or will talk to Nicaragua, El Salvador, Hondoras, Cuba, Turkey, Korea, EFTA (Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, & Switzerland), the EU, Iran, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. (We got oil, shrimp, bananas, and flowers to sell! Next year we´ll have pharmaceuticals to sell, too. Maybe we can sell that imported powdered milk if no one checks the expiration dates.)

The first case of the Zika virus – affecting a pregnant woman has been confirmed in Ecuador in Mocache, cantón Quevedo, Los Ríos.

Lighting of the New Cathedral – will be done in 3 stages. First will be the cupulas at a cost of about $200,000, then the front, and then the sides for $400,000. Early this year, the designs will go to Empresa Electrica which needs to approve the project. Work will be done from April through June. (I hope it won’t look like something that belongs in Disneyland.)

You are invited – to the Carnaval celebrations on Sat and Sun, 6 & 7/2 in Ricuarte which will show off the biggest motepata (the guy it’s attached to weighs 840 pounds. (Just kidding)) in the world on Sun, at 9:00. The cooks expect to serve 2000.

Road controls for the holidays – will start Thurs. 400 transit cops will be spread out throughout the canton and there will safety and alcohol tests at the Terminal Terrestre. (This is not the time to have “one more for the road,” unless you want to go to jail and learn to paint, make furniture, or get a university degree.)

Special Carnaval supplement –

Carnaval Gualaquiza 2016 – from Fri, 5/2 to Tue, 9/2.

Carnavales San Fernando 2016 – Sun, Mon & Tues. which will have a wet T-shirt contest at 13:00. (You guys better share a cab because it’s 60 km from Cuenca and 18 from Girón.)

Carnaval del Río Gualaceo 2016 – from 6-9/2 with culture, crafts, food and tradition.

Santa Isabel vive los Carnavales 2016 – from 6-8/2.

Carnaval Cultural Sucúa 2016 – from 29/1 to 9/2.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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