Overseas remittances increase, International election observers arrive, Correa attacked, 5k race

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Jueves, 2/1/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Book launch – There was a book launch hoy a las 19:00. The Universidad Salesiana presented “El modelo educativo salesiano” by Blas Garzón, “Mecánica Racional Dinámica” by Julio César Verdugo, and “Desarollo tecnológico en ingeniería autmotriz” by various authors.

Música – Santa Cecilia Music Center presented “Voces y melodías” (Voices and melodies) Thurs. on Radio Ciudad, 107.1 FM. <Does anyone besides me still get music from a radio? Told you I’m a technological dummy.>

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Teatro – The children’s work “Aventura de Mama Rosita” will premier el sábado a las 15-30 in the Imay Centro Cultural in celebration of its 20th anniversary. There will be gifts.

Articles about –

Seminar – There was a two-day seminar that ended ayer which dealt with censorship after a painting exhibit in Cuenca was closed on 13/11/2017 and a theater performance in Guayaquil was closed on 11/1/2018. Artists and critics attended to analyze the reasons for the closures.

Mujeres Fotógrafas – The Fotoclub Cuenca and the Alianza Francesa are calling for women photographers to submit up to 3 photos for inclusion in the “Mujeres Fotógrafas 2018” Project. The exhibit will open on 8/3 in the Galería Paul Cézanne at the Alianza Francesa. Submit the fotos on cultura@afcuenca.org.ec until 25/2. For submission requirements, go to the Alianza web page at http://alianzafrancesa.org.ec/cuenca/ and pick the Cultura section. <The requirements talk about Pixels and dpi’s so you are so on your own.>

Elvira Lutz – This Uruguaya “partera” (midwife) presented her book, “Provocaciones de una Partera” (Provocations of a midwife) Thurs. in the Museo de las Culturas Aborígenes. In Uruguay, midwifery is part of the medical establishment and not related to ancestral knowledge. She writes about humanizing birth and care rather than medicalizing and depersonalizing the birth process.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Correa, atacado en Quinindé, y llamado por el Fiscal a declarar (Correa, attacked in Quinindé, and called by the Prosecutor to testify) – See yesterday’s CHL article for the story.

International observers – The various international organizations that sent 150 elections observers were officially received. The Organización de Estados Americanos has observed 19 elections since 1968. <I wonder if there’s any OEA observer who has seen all 19 elections.>

Ley seca – The voting dry law starts at noon mañana and ends a las 12:00 del lunes. During this period, “está prohibido el consumo y también la comercialización de bebidas alcohólicas” (consumption and also the commercialization of alcoholic beverages is prohibited). Those who don’t comply will be taken to prison. <If you’re going to drink this weekend, you better hole up at home to do it.>

ETAPA EP – The income for ETAPA dropped by $2.5 million last year because people prefer to get all of their telecommunications services on their mobile device. <A long way from a party line phone. I think most of you know what I’m talking about.>

Remittances – Remittances from overseas Ecuadorians in the 4th quarter of 2017 reached $752 million, a growth of 13% over 2016. The main sources were the US ($415 million), Spain ($212), Italy ($39), and México ($21).

Pagina Intercultural – The article is about the typical clothing of the chola cuencana.

Water – Tucayta, an over 40-year-old indigenous community organization, officially received the documents that legalized their right to manage, conserve, and protect their water. The organization supplies water to 4 cooperatives and 14 communities. It built, with mingas, the 40 km long “canal de riego Patococha” (Patococha irrigation canal ) to bring water to Tucayta. The source has sufficient flow to support the users. The water irrigates over 1,000 hectares with 1,500 beneficiaries and a total of 3,000 families.

Internacional –

Brazil – In a poll taken on el lunes y martes, after Ex-Pres. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was sentenced to 12 years for corruption, he continued to be a favorite for the elections in octubre.

Deportes –

Endurance – Bernarda González Carvallo, the winner of the 2017 Endurance Youth Championships, (long distance horse riding) talked about her plans for 2018.

Circuito Atlético 5K Sinincay – Sinincay will celebrate its 165th anniversary with a race on 18/2 a las 10:00. Register at he GAD Parroquial de Sinincay, at the Relojería Cristál (Bolívar 6-47 entre Borrero y Hermano Miguel , at The Red Sport (Av. De Las Américas y Miguel Cordero). Fee: $6 for adults and $3 for kids.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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