Police nab 30 drunk divers last week, including a tourist and U.S expat

Jun 26, 2016 | 0 comments

Transit police arrested 30 drunk drivers Thursday and Friday nights on Av. Hayna at Gonzalez and Av. Vicente Solano and Remigio Crespo. Among those arrested were a German tourist and a foreign resident from the U.S.

Drivers were stopped on Av. Solano for sobriety tests.

Drivers were stopped on Av. Solano for sobriety tests.

Police said the sweeps were the result of increased complaints of drunk driving in the areas. “We want to make it clear that driving after consuming alcohol is not acceptable,” a spokesman said. “This is an ongoing problem and we will continue to maintain roadblocks to arrest those who violate the law.”

Most of those arrested had blood alcohol levels between .3 and .8. They were fined $366 and sent to jail for five days, with fives points deducted from their driver’s licenses.

Several, however, had higher blood alcohol levels, and were fined $1,098 and sentenced to 15 days behind bars.


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