Rural areas ask for more vaccines; Plot thickens in scandal involving presidential secretary; Major airport upgrades planned; Airline could add routes

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Jueves, 15/4/2021

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Titular – Vacunas para las áreas rurales, piden (Asking for vaccines for rural areas) – Mayors of Azuayan cities outside of Cuenca are worried because of the low presence of vaccination teams in rural areas of Azuay. They are hoping for more support from the Coordinación Zonal de Salud because there are many people in their jurisdictions who live in isolated communities, don’t have internet, and cannot register in the plan. The last MSP report counted 4,188 confirmed cases in Azuayan cantons outside of Cuenca. Mayors met with the zonal coordinator, Julio Molina, and the governor, José Jaramillo, who promised to increase their assistance when the logistical conditions needed are provided. The mayors will present a choice of public spaces that have potable water and sufficient area to carry out the vaccinations without crowding. They will also put cars at the disposal of the MSP to transport the vaccines and personnel; and will activate social programs to get to the remotest parts of the province to register; and maintain communication with people who don’t have continuous internet access. <Like that community that used to have to walk or ride a horse hours to get to a road you could take a car or truck on until they finally started building their own road?>

Rehabilitación integral de la pista del aeropuerto (Comprehensive rehabilitation of the airport runway) – In the first trimester of 2022, the city plans to do a comprehensive rehabilitation of the airport runway. The Banco de Desarrollo para América Latina (CAF) will finance the $9,311,282 project which includes repaving the runway and taxiway. There will also be a new drainage system, reconstruction of electrical circuits, changing to led lights, and horizontal signage.

The city plans a comprehensive rehabilitation of the airport runway.

Since agosto of 2020, CORPAC, which administers the airport, has been talking to Ecuatoriana Airlines which has shown interest in operating in Cuenca on possible routes to Quito, Guayaquil, and possibly on seasonal routes to Salinas and the Galápagos. The airline would fly type Q400 planes that can carry 76 passengers, and Q200 which can carry 37.

Cantones del Oriente regresan a “rojo” (Cantons in the Oriente return to “red”) – Gualaquiza in Morona Santiago and Zamora and Nangaritza in Zamora Chinchipe are worried about an increase in Covid cases, and have strengthened restrictions. Gualaquiza is restricting the hours for commercial activities such as restaurants, stores and other businesses; and prohibiting activities in gyms, training centers, sports venues and tourist complexes. Bars, discos, poolhalls, and liquor stores are closed, and religious activities will be allowed with 30% capacity. The restrictions will apply until 26/4.

In Zamora, there is a curfew on private vehicles from 19:00-5:00, and on taxi and delivery services from 23:00-5:00. Activities in discos, centros de tolerencia and others are prohibited. <I guess all those straying husbands will have to stay home with their wives.> The mayor said that there is worry because of the presence of the Brazilian strain of the virus in the province. Nangaritza will be on “red” until 28/4 with a vehicular restriction from 21:00 to 5:00, and businesses restricted to a 30% capacity and closure at 21:00. <Planning a road trip to the jungle? Plan carefully.>

Según Fiscalía, Briones lideró trama corrupta (According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Briones led a corrupt plot) – José Agusto Briones was one of the officials who held the most positions in Moreno’s Government starting as an advisor and ending up as the Secretario de la Presidencia de la República and the ministro de Energía which is in charge of the sectors that produce the most income for the country <and apparently himself and his cohorts> – petroleum, electricity, and mining. He was also on the board of directors of other businesses in strategic sectors such as Petroecuador, Petroamazonas, Flota Petrolera Ecuatoriana, Corporación Nacional de Electricidad, Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador, and the Junta Monetaria/Banco Central del Ecuador. Now he is facing charges of leading an organized crime ring for which he could be sentenced to 10 years in prison along with comptroller Pablo Celi and 7 others.

Att’y General Diana Salazar explained that Briones, in the Secretaria de la Presidencia, and Raúl de la Torre, from inside Petroecuador, were able to recruit the Nolimit company <Sounds like Nolimit included not being limited by laws.>. When Raúl de la Torre was arrested in the US, he had $250 million under his control of which $4 million was part of bribes from Nolimit. There was also something called desvanecimiento de glosas <A Google search didn’t get me anything I could understand.> that involved the comptroller’s office and his uncle Pablo Celi de la Torre and Briones’ brother Luis Agusto Briones who moved the money overseas to Costa Rica.

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