Tram work on schedule, Pet fair at Parque El Paraíso, Mercado security improvements, Low-cost housing

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Jueves, 22/2/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Ongoing agenda event –

Exhibit – The Alvarado academy of art is showing “Introspecciones” in the galería de la Alcaldía (Bolívar y Borrero). Free.

Articles about –

Cursos y talleres – Art classes and workshops are available for children at academies and cultural locations which offer music, dance, drawing, painting and crafts. Various academies are featured in the article.

A new space for culture – Saladentro (Paseo Tres de Noviembre 4-78 y Bajada de Todos Santos) opened esta noche with “Costearte,” an exhibit of paintings from 15 artists. High quality pieces will be on sale with prices up to $130.

Composing – There was a workshop this morning on musical composition and improvisation .

Concierto – The Viernes Cultural Salesiano for Friday will feature the bands Apocalipsis y Profecía (Apocalypse and Prophecy) <One thing Google Translate is good for is how to spell something in English – like apocalypse.> The show will be a las 19:30 in the teatro universitario Carlos Crespi at the UPS (Universidad Politécnica Salesiana).

Quinteto del Recuerdo – This group will present their new promotional video, “Desde el alma” (From the soul) Friday a las 20:00 in the sala comunitaria in the museo Pumapungo.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Tranvía: retoman tendido de rieles (Tranvía: track laying restarts) – The project has advanced 17% in the two months since it was restarted. It is on track to finish in the 10-month contract period. The ACTN Tranvia Cuenca consortium has divided the work into 3 sections – av. De Las Américas and el centro histórico, av. España out to Milchichig, and the yard on av. México. Tracks are being laid along the bridge over the Tomebamba.

Mercados – Officials from the Department of Municipal Markets did assessment tours of the city markets, and in marzo, the Municipality will have an integrated plan for the markets to bring order and safety to improve the images of the mercados.

Feria Cuenca Mascotas 2018 – This fair to promote responsible pet ownership <or stewardship or co-existence depending on where you are on the pets are/are not property scale> will be el 3 & 4 de marzo desde las 10:00 hasta las 17:00 in el parque El Paraíso. The Unidad de Gestión Animal (UGA – Animal Management Unit) of the city is sponsoring the event with the participation of 5 animal benefit and rescue organizations. The events will include talks on pet first aid, beauty competitions, tricks, agility, talks about pet nutrition, dog training, a dog show, and contests and games. <Wonder if that’ll include a long sit or down. I was at one dog event where the long sit got called off after about 20 minutes because the last dog looked like it was ready to sit there til dark. And I’ve got a candidate for the funniest looking dog contest.> There will be a food court and and about 40 venders with pet products and services.

Housing – The Praderas de Bémani project with 1,160 apartments is being built by the Banco del Instituto Ecuatoriano de Seguridad Social (BIESS) and private investors. The project is planned as a satellite city for 5,000 residents with space for a school, a food court, 44 commercial spaces, interior roads, green spaces and an old hacienda house for events. 3 BR apartments cost $57,200, 2 BR – $52,200, and suites from $35,000 with either BIESS or private financing. Buyers will receive a washer/dryer and a kitchen hood fan. Aliquotas will range from $21-30.

Body cameras – La Guardia Ciudadana de Cuenca is starting tests of personal cameras which will be worn by their officers. The “dispositivos” (devices/gadgets/gizmos, etc – your word for the day) have a GPS and a “botón de pánico” (panic button). <So smile if you’re going to attack a Guardia Ciudadana.>

Turi – Turi will celebrate its 165th anniversary as a parish this weekend with the election of the Queen of Turi at a gala a las 20:00 Friday followed by a dance with the Sonora Dinamita orchestra. El domingo a las 11:00 there will be the election of the best “botija” and the best “mediano” (your guess is as good as mine) and a dance festival. Santiago Illescas, El Hombre Voz (The Voice Guy) will perform at 14:00, the Cholita Turi will be elected at 15:00 and the festivities will close with a dance at 20:00 with the Banda 24 de Mayo band.

Pachamama Raymi – The 8th Edition of this cultural festival will be from 26-28/4 in Zamora Chinchipe. This edition will feature strengthening local languages and will include singing contests in Shuar and Kichwa.

Amenidades –

Concierto – Mikel Erentxun, vocalist for the Duncan Dhu band, performed Thursday in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamaríz.

Paute – As part of the celebration of the cantonization of Paute, there will be shows and events Friday from 10-21:00 in the Concha Acústica (Acoustic Shell – Band Shell?). There will be photo exhibits, air brushing stands, hip-hop battles, tattoos, and live mujsic.

Internacional –

Venezuela – An annual survey taken by 3 universities between julio y septiembre, 2017 with a sample of 6,618 households showed that extreme poverty increased from 23.6% to 61.2% in 4 years. Households that were not poor went from 51.6% in 2014 to 27% in 2015, 18.2% in 2016 and 13% in 2017. 64% of the people surveyed had lost an average of 11 kg. in the past year due to lack of access to food. 61% said being hungry was normal, and 90% said their incomes aren’t enough to buy necessary food. People are skipping meals and cutting down portions.

Perú – At least 43 people were killed and 24 injured yesterday when a bus overturned and rolled over 200 meters down to the bank of the río Ocoña in Arequipa in southern Peru.

US – Pres. Trump is suggesting the arming of teachers. <How do you feel about having your grandchild’s math teacher packing in class?>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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