Viernes, 319/5/2017: Turkish food and cultural fair, Electric cutoff in Centro, IESS emergency services, Road closure costs

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s header event –

Semana de Turquía – There will be a movie Sat. at 6 p.m. and a Feria Cultural with food and crafts from 16-19:00 in the calle Santa Ana.  <For you newbies or you oldies who haven’t been paying attention or have memory problems, calle Santa Ana is the newly restored pedestrian street that runs from Benigno Malo to Padre Aguirre between the New Cathedral and the ex-San Luis Seminary.>

Articles about –

Art in the mercados – There was a drawing “jam” session at the mercado 10 de Agosto on Wed.  Children of the vendors also printed 3D sculptures.

CIDAP – The “Festival de Artesanías de América” for this noviembre is currently being juried.  Craftsmen had to submit a piece that exemplifies their work and those are being evaluated today.  The jury recommended creating a “Pabellón de Artesanos Patrimoniales” (Pavilion for Patrimonial Craftsmen) this year which would be by invitation only.  <I hope they keep the food alley.>

Libro – Artist Jaime Lara has produced a book with ink drawings of historic and iconic sites in Cuenca.  He combines overlays of modern Cuenca on images from old photos or documents.  You can see the Puente Roto as it was in 1950 before it was roto; a view of the Barranco in 1938 when the trees and plants were smaller; or the iglesia San Blas in 1930 before a facade alteration and the park remodeling.  <I was with a friend and when we passed San Blas park she said she remembered when it was only trees and mud.>

Festival de Sainetes – The Paredes Roldán Foundation is organizing this event for next jueves y viernes, and is calling for school groups to register.  <If you don’t know what a Sainete is, Google it.  If I found it, even the braindeaerq1d could.>

Seminar – “Los Cuerpos que salen del clóset,” a seminar on diversity in literature started yesterday.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Cierre vial afecta bolsillo de la gente (Road closure affects people’s wallets) – The cantons in eastern Azuay Province such as Gualaceo, Chordeleg, Sígsig, Paute, Guachapala, El Pan and Sevilla de Oro are suffering from the road closure at El Descanso-Puente Europa due to the loss of tourist traffic.  The alternate route, which is only open to light traffic is open in the morning until 13:00 from Cuenca to the oriente and in the afternoon to traffic heading to Cuenca.  The route is La Virgen-Pastopamba-San Cristóbal-El Descanso.  <If I’m reading the picture correctly, it’s a gravel road which will become a dirt road after a good rain and some traffic.>

Honor guard – The new chief of the escolta legislativa is the first woman to hold the office.

CNE – Juan Pablo Pozo received the “Mérito en el Grado de “Gran Cruz” Award from Pres. Correa yesterday.  This is the highest award the Ecuadorian government gives.  <I guess this is to acknowledge all the criticism and s**t he sucked up during the elections.>

ANT – There is a delay for issuing license plates.  <And I’m too lazy to comb through the article looking for a reason, if one is even given.>  The time for matriculating your car <now there’s a mish mash of Spanglish> has been reduced if you do it on line. As one user said, “Lo que toma tiempo es la revisión vehicular.” (What takes time is the vehicle inspection.  And this might as well be your sentence for the day.)

IESS emergency services – <For the 5 of you who are staying in the system after all the others quit in a snit for being charged the same price as Ecuadorians.  This was gringo pricing in reverse and on large scale so you should be happy you got away with the cut rate for so long.>  The IESS central dispensary on Bolívar y Pres. Borrero will receive emergency cases from 6.30-19:00 on lunes y martes, and from 6:00-20:30 on miércoles, jueves y viernes, and from 7:00-19:00 on weekends.  <But given recent articles about demographics and medical needs, do you really want to take your heart attack to a dispensary?  I think the emergencies would be things like broken bones.>

Electrical service cut-off – To do maintenance work on underground lines in El Centro, electrical service will be shut off el domingo from 6-13:00.  It will be in the area the corresponds to the underground vault at Manuel Vega y Pío Bravo.  <I have not idea what that covers, so just be prepared.>

Tranvía – The moving systems will be tested until 30/6.  A series of simulations is being prepared to test the response times for emergency responders.

Zona tolerencia – An update to the Cuenca Urban Plan proposes a reorganization of the Cayambe barrio in which “centros de diversión nocturna” (Nightlife centers – bordellos) have functioned for 35 years.  It would establish a boundary for a nightlife land use district.

Choclo Festival – This domingo there will be a Festival del choclo in Nulti from 8-14:00 with music, typical food, traditional contests, and local agricultural products and more.

Mercados – Police conducted a weights and price investigation at the 10 de Agosto and 27 de Febrero markets.  They found no venders at the 27 who posted prices as they are supposed to.  <I’m not complaining.  I paid a little over $3/lb. for a rib roast.> They also found no price abuse against customers by the vendors.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movies open this week.

2D El Rey Arturo – Esp & Sub.
2D Un extraño en la oscuridad – Sub.

The following movies are continuing.  All are in 2D.

Rápidos y furiosos 8 – Esp.
Guardianes de la galaxia 2  – Esp. y Sub.
Una cigúeña en apuros – Esp.
Alien Covenant – Esp. y Sub.
Huye/get out – Esp.
Mío o de nadie – Esp.
Ozzy, rápido y peludo – woof, woof

“Luna de Miel” (Honeymoon) – Monserrath Astudillo’s stand up comedy routine will be today and tomorrow at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo.  Tickts available at the theater box office, video tec in the Mall del Río and Fastyfood home deliveries at 099 797 8709.  <Do you want show tickets with your burger and fries?>

Internacional –

“Fuera Temer” – Thousands of Brazilians took to the streets yesterday in a dozen cities to demand elections and the resignation of the president.  A recording of Temer was leaked in which he supported buying silence from an arrested ex-official. Temer said he’s not resigning.  The ex-official in question was Eduardo Cunha, the former president of the lower house who orchestrated the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff which brought his political ally to power.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Domingo –



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